30 Days of Gratitude (Days 14-24)

Welcome back to my blog! We are on a crash course of the 30 days of gratitude challenge. You’re joining us right on time! You can catch up on previous prompts here.

This challenge is by far the most exciting one I’ve done here. That’s kinda why I couldn’t stand not being able to complete it. Let’s see how many more prompts we can do today!

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6 Out of 29 Things To Do!

Bienvenue! Welcome back to my blog! Here’s what you’ve missed so far!

Today’s Challenge: Chat in a Foreign Language with a friend who understands the language.

Okay, when I had this prompt on, I thought I’d definitely be speaking French! I mean, most of my friends know I’m intrigued by the French language and culture. But for the sake of expanding my horizons, I took a different turn.

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