24, 25, 26 Out of 29 Things To Do!

Forgive my inconsistency in posting the 29 Things To Do in 29 Days Challenge! This doesn’t mean I have stopped. Not at all! Especially when we’re this close to the end (3 days to go!! 💃💃)

If you’ve been following the entire challenge, I want to say a very big thank you to you. You’re amazing!

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6 Out of 29 Things To Do!

Bienvenue! Welcome back to my blog! Here’s what you’ve missed so far!

Today’s Challenge: Chat in a Foreign Language with a friend who understands the language.

Okay, when I had this prompt on, I thought I’d definitely be speaking French! I mean, most of my friends know I’m intrigued by the French language and culture. But for the sake of expanding my horizons, I took a different turn.

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Think-Thank Challenge 2017 (Abridged Version)

A-Z Thanksgiving list!If you can think, you can thank!Happy almost New Year! As it’s the Dainty M. tradition, every December is for the Think-Thank Challenge. Unfortunately, I couldn’t kick-start the challenge early enough this year due to school commitments. Anywho, I hope this still helps you in making your thanksgiving list (if you’ve not made one already). Read more