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Lecrae Moore, born on Oct 9, 1979 is my all time favourite gospel rapper. He’s popularly known as ‘Lecrae’ and he’s simply amazing! He brings the funk into gospel music. His lyrics are mind blowing!
He is a leading Christian hip hop artist and an inspiration to a lot of gospel artists.

Lecrae has won some awards and has been nominated for a lot more including the BET hip hop awards. He won the Grammy Awards in 2013 with his album ‘Gravity’. Lecrae has also released so many awesome albums including Gravity, Church Clothes, Rebel amongst others.

His latest album ANOMALY was released early Sept, 2014 and you really haven’t heard Christian hip hop if you haven’t listened to this dope album! Sources say he’s going on tour for the new album, ANOMALY. My favourite songs in this new album are ‘Nuthin’, ‘Say I won’t (ft Andy Mineo), and ‘Fear’…I hope he includes them on tour!

I really like Christian hip hop and Lecrae is my go to guy for some hot gospel hip hop. I’d be blasting his songs in my room, dancing to the beats with careless abandon! *big grin*

God has really been using him and I pray a lot of gospel artists with original inspirational lyrics emerge especially in my country. All they need is support and prayers. So folks, let’s keep cheering them on! Lecrae you rock! I’m a huge fan! God bless you!


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Innocence to the Dark Side of Love


Innocent to the dark side of love ,she was prepared,she was not!

The woman on the screen, made it look easy, Schooled her about d perks of love,
Failed to illuminate her on the workings of the soul in the matter .
Head first she dived into it,
Carrying all the care poured into her by her African mother,
That made her a full African woman…
One that gave herself selflessly,
One that starved to let others have their fill,
One that left the warmth of her bed at first light of dawn to see that others lacked nothing till dusk,
One that hushed her pain,
To comfort her wailing neighbour…
All that she carried and gave to a man she called Love,
Not caring if love gave back or not.
But love ignored,
It didn’t just ignore,
It turned dark,
Became the dagger that pierced her heart and made it loose rhythm of its beat…
Dragging life out of her slowly,
Caged her soul without ministering sweet music that would calm her raging spirit,
It gave silence as dead as the grave,
Making the voices in her louder with each passing day.
Love numbed her heart and carved out jagged lines that become scars,
That numbness only awakened by pain,
Pain that went deep and unending like falling in a black hole in one of her nightmares,
It just wouldn’t stop!
Pain so strong it knocked down those firm brown shoulders that once stood up so high and proud as the peacock in its parade,
Pain so devoid of words,
Thought had no meaning in her mind,
It took out pieces of her soul one by one,
Till the very foundations of it was nothing but rubble.
This kind of pain made her walk mindlessly in the dead of the night,
With no moon to shine and give little light as a sign of hope,
Wandering about in circles,
Lost, she had no strength left in her to fight and defend her pride.
Slowly those long dark strong legs like beautifully carved out pillers of bronze,sank down,
Arms of no other but hers wrapped around her,
Not for fear that should be running down her spine because of the dark ,
But for the ice cold feeling emanating from her depths,
Her soul seemed to be in hell already,
Being tortured by non other but hunted memories of what she once thought was love.
Slowly her head followed the movement of her caving shoulders,
And it began!!!
Her eyes poured it all out,
Eyes poured out hurt,
Disappointment, shame, pain, disgust,
In form of salty water.
She cried an ocean and let herself soak in it,
Even though she didn’t know how to swim out,
She didn’t drown…
What would have been the death of her became her liberation,
She knew that was all she needed and like the drum that sounds its loudest before it tears,
She rises,
Like a lioness hunting in the dark,
Her eyes adjust to the darkness and she begins to prowl,
Making her way home,
Deaf to the millions of crickets singing songs to draw her attention,
She goes back to her beginnings,
She feels strong,
She begins to regain her grounds as she once did,
She keeps walking,
Walking till she finds love that would give back.
Love that would nurture,
Love that would care,
Love so mad, Romeo and Juliet would envy it, Love so precious and graceful seconded only by that of her Creator,
Love so pure only to be compared to the spring of Kerang,
Love that builds a soul to supernatural maturity on a solid rock,
Love that would deserve her sacrifice,
Love that would be proud and brave enough to shout and sing her praises from the peaks of Kilimanjaro!!!
But until then,
She would heal and then wait,
For hope and faith are the only sure things she holds on to.
Written by Miss Yelnen

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Some Really Amazing Moments in Life

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Amazing moments don’t happen only on special days. They happen everyday! I think it’s cool to outline some of these moments and be thankful for them. Here are some;

-Having a great GPA in school.
-Getting an alert when you’re broke.
-Talking on the phone for long hours with someone special.
-Buying really cool clothes that you found on sale.
-Opening presents on Christmas day.
-Learning how to drive.
-Holding hands with someone you love.
-Resting on someone’s chest or shoulder.
-Unexpected moments that become your favourite memories.
-Coming home late from work and going straight to bed.
-Taking long showers that wash away your worries.
-Bubble bath.
-Taking long walks in the park.
-When you feel as though you finally belong somewhere.
-Finally deciding what you want to do with your life.
-Feeling satisfied after a delicious homemade meal.
-Falling asleep instantly when you’re tired.
-Meeting new people that happen to change your life.
-When you have a great night of sleep after a long day.
-When you stay up late watching movies and wake up late the next day on a weekend.
-Drinking a soothing cup of hot chocolate.
-Realizing everything is going to be okay, when you stop worrying.
-Meeting the one you connect most with.
-Falling in love with the right person.
-Achieving the goals you planned.
-Listening to loud music while driving on top speed.
-Meeting long lost friends unexpectedly.
-Finally fitting into your favourite jeans.
-Hearing your best song on radio.
-When your parents say they are proud of you.
-Completing your NYSC year.
-That moment your crush likes you back.

These are a few I could come up with.
What are your most amazing moments? Comment and tell us! I’d love to read them πŸ˜€


Letting Go

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‘Forgive and forget!’ I chanted that a lot in Sunday School. As I grew older, I discovered my ‘words spoke louder than my actions’ instead of vice versa. We forgive…but do we really forget? Does the brain have the capacity to delete the stuffs we don’t want to remember? What of the times when the image repeatedly shows up in the real world, causing our brains to remember what wrong was done, what hurt was caused?

It is the godly way to forgive and forget but I won’t act as a saint and say its as easy as ‘a, b, c…’ To be honest, forgetting the hurt or wrong someone has caused is as hard as forgetting your name! Sometimes you may think you’ve forgiven and forgotten but all it takes to remember is just to hear that person’s name mentioned or seeing an image of the person…then the pain rushes back, the anger and resentment show up. I know that feeling, way too much.

So what new thing do I have to say? Do I hypocritically say you should forgive and forget? Don’t let these images come back? Force our brain to delete these hurtful memories? Pretending this pain doesn’t exist? Saying all of these would be like preaching what I’m not living, which is the hypocrite’s anthem!

It’s human to feel hurt and pain. It’s human to feel this person deserves to be as hurt as we are…believe me, the taste of revenge is sweet but bitterness always lingers at the end, one that would make you wanna throw up. Yuck! So what then after this person has gotten hurt too? Does the loathing desire for revenge fizzle out? Or does it grow stronger like a vampire searching for more blood after the first taste of blood? Is that really all there is?

Why not try something new like deliberately letting go? Choosing to permanently delete the files labelled ‘hurts’ and the folders labelled ‘pain’ along with the revenge app?

Letting go of the pain, the tension that comes when we see these people that have hurt us. To be honest, it is not going to be easy but it’s a step in the right direction of forgetting the hurts and pains. Let go of that unrequited love, let go of that abusive father, let go of that back stabbing friend, let go of that wicked colleague, let go of that mother that didn’t care…mentally click the delete button in your brain and make sure it doesn’t remain in the recycle bin.

Once you succeed in deleting these bad memory files that often cause our systems to crash, you begin to enjoy freedom! Freedom from storing unnecessary garbage in your brain(it’s called GIGO because its garbage in, garbage out and not garbage stored), creating more space for peace and joy. You could see the ‘memory free’ icon changing from red to blue. Yes, this is true.
My earnest desire is that you live happy and have a fabulous life!

© Mfon Etuk, 2014.

Turning Boring Baggy T-shirts into Cute Cut-Out Shirts

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I was going through my wardrobe one boring day and noticed I had lots of T-shirts I wasn’t wearing anymore. Reason being that they were baggy and made me look really fat(no girl likes looking fat). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not slim but as I always say, chubby is cute! So long as I don’t look like a huge burger!Β πŸ˜›

So I’m looking at these shapeless Tees and wondering what to do with them. A friend suggests I make cut outs from them and the idea grew in my mind. I started learning how to make cut outs online. I bet I didn’t research for my project as much as I did to learn how to make cut outs. Thanks to the helpful blogs, youtube videos Β and hubpages, I finally made my first cut out tee! And another and another! I began to think about incorporating other shapes and styles. I pray I don’t run out of Tshirts!Β πŸ™‚

Its fun to make cut out tees, especially if you’re bored like me. As I always say, ‘boredom breeds creativity’. Have a nice day pals! Β 

Photo by me

Photo by me

Simple steps in making cut out shirts πŸ˜‰

A heart shaped cut-out of my NYSC t-shirt

Photo by me.

I have a big heart for you! ^.^

It’s always my desire that you live fabulous lives!

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My Father, My Hero

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My first blessing from God,
Was a family so good,
A father so strong,
Even though he’s not Armstrong
He is indeed the best I could ever wish for,
He is so caring, so loving,
So kind, yet so firm and disciplined
He’s everything I want my children’s father to be..
Daddy, I don’t get to tell you enough how much I love you,
Probably because we don’t express much emotions,
Still, I want you to know how much I and my sisters appreciate you.
As our only male figure,
You’ve done a terrific job,
Of course with the help from Mom and most especially, God.
Daddy, its no surprise that you are my role model,
You’ve set a standard so high,
Only great men can attain.
You believe in me,
Even when all hope is lost,
You stand by me like a Lion,
Watching over his cubs,
You chase away the big wolves that come to kill your little ones.
Daddy, I believe there are good men out there,
Because you are a perfect example,
I pray daily that you live long,
And all your toils pay off at the end,
Most especially that we all make it to Heaven!
Words can’t describe you,
This poem is sketchy,
But daddy, you are the ‘bestest’ dad ever!
I could never wish for anyone else.
On this special day,
I pray all your wishes come true,
May the Heavens be opened upon you today..amen!
You remain my father, my hero, my mentor, my chaperon, my Lion, bestest friend!
Β (Dedicated to my dad-August 18th.)
© Mfon Etuk, 2014.

The Book Cover

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A saying goes ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’, and as much as I agree, I must add ‘the cover of a book must match its contents’
Okay, so I know this could stir up some arguments or rather some brilliant discourse. Literally, I wouldn’t read a book with an unattractive cover. That’s the truth. So even though the contents may be really great, I would miss it and could care less because the cover sucked!

Now let’s bring this analogy of the book and its cover to us. You’re smart, intelligent, beautiful on the inside, and you’re fun to be with…but no one actually ‘wants’ to be with you. Ever asked why? Quick answer, check your cover! Does it yell am boring, insecure, not smart, with a wrong fashion sense and so on…?!

Lots of people pay less attention to the cover the book. While building the contents is very important, making the cover as pretty on the outside is also necessary.
Wonder why you’re still single, unemployed, not easily approached…? Please check your cover!

While some books have hard covers, others are made of paper backs. We select the books we read unconsciously by the cover. There’s a way bestsellers look and that’s why they are called bestsellers! They aren’t unattractive or boring. They have that magnetic feel that pulls you to the book.

Dressing is a huge part of the packaging process. It is fondly said ‘the way you dress is the way you would be addressed’ and I have to add this ‘dress the way you want people to see you’. Lots of people wear funny stuffs and later feel judged for it. Well, if I see you in total black with dark make up and lots of piercing, its normal for me to think you’re Gothic! But on a deeper look, not all who dress that way are really gloomy.
Let your dressing show who you are on the inside. If you’re decent and modest at heart, why fool the populace and reduce your chances by wearing indecent clothes?

I hear of guys who do have the money to put on good clothing but would rather spend the money on video games and risk coming out looking like they’ve got no future ambitions…how’s a lady supposed to trip for you?! Some use the flimsy excuse that the girl has gotta be more into him than into his appearance. While that is true, I must say a girl won’t want to go past the cover if it is repulsive, no matter how attractive the inside could be!

It’s safe to say lots of people have lost job opportunities because of their covers. While the CV is extremely beautiful, the person the employers see in front of them is totally the opposite. The outfit is appalling, the hair is something else! Gosh! The breath is another ball game! These employers take note of all these things and conclude based on the unsavory cover of the book. Need I tell you what that conclusion is?

Then there is the distracting dressing where everything one puts on distracts the audience from what he or she is saying. Don’t let your cover be too distracting! There are some books which have really flashy covers with so much going on…I go through such books and don’t remember the contents, just the cover.

Yes I want you to design your book cover in a very pleasing way but please don’t let it outshine the inside! Imagine a getting a present on Christmas day. A well wrapped present, beautiful on the outside, you can’t even wait to open it. You quickly tear off the wrapping sheets and voila! Its a pen. Not a gold pen, not even a ball pen, just a regular pen. Am sure you would be disappointed and wonder why there was so much wrapping sheet. Your friend could have just given you the pen without the wrapping sheet. That’s the same feeling when you see a really cute book cover with absolutely no content. The kinda book you sleep through!

Friends, not to be harsh or anything, I just want you to pay more attention to the cover of your book so that people would love to read you. How do you dress? How do you talk? Do you have manners? Are you insultive? Do you talk too much? Have people constantly complained about your style? Take some time out today and do a self check! Your outside has gotta be as attractive as your inside! In the immortal words of Steve Harris, never dress like a suspect and expect people to treat you like a prospect.

It’s my desire that your live a fabulous life!

© Mfon Etuk, 2014.

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