Why do I blog? -Day3


Why do I blog?

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Hmmm, at first glance I was like this should be easy! But after staring at a blank page for a couple of hours, I have to say this is a tough one.

So why do I blog?

Well, I love writing!

Writing is my best bet at expressing myself.

It’s my voice, my gift, my world…

I see blogging as a platform to share my thoughts, ideas, views, stories and my creative mind.

Most importantly; I blog to add value to lives (Inspiring you to live victorious lives…)

Be generous with the different things God gave you, passing them around so all get in on it. -1 Peter 4:10 (MSG)

I also like blogging because I get to post pictures along with write ups (I really like pictures)

I like blogging because it puts me out there at the mercy of the followers and readers (please be nice!)

I also like blogging because of the interesting comments and likes…they keep me going (thanks guys!)

A little personal gist…

For a long time, I was a ‘closet writer’ (only a few people knew I could write and loved writing). So blogging was my way of ‘coming out’ (pun intended!)

And that special gift of ministry you were given when the leaders of the church laid hands on you and prayed- keep that dusted off and in use. 1Tim 4:14 (MSG)

Lastly, I blog cos it allows me share my well of awesomeness with the world (hehehe…that’s me trynna sound like King Julian in Penguins of Madagascar)

Yay blogging! Way to go!

Let’s do this!

3 days down, 28 more to go!

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Meaning of my blog name -Day2



Technically, my previous post was meant to be on the 1st but I couldn’t get to post it till past 1:00 AM. So, here is the post for day 2.

Photos by Me

Photos by Me

Day 2: Meaning of my blog name

I’m quite glad that this is here because lots of people ask me that.

Well, ‘M‘ is obviously  the initial of my first name, so that’s cleared.

Then ‘Dainty‘  from English dictionaries means:

1. Delicately beautiful

2. Pleasing to the taste

3. Something considered choice to eat

To describe a person or object as dainty, means that they are small, delicate, and pretty.

Synonyms include: delicate, pretty, charming, fine, slight, elegant, refined, graceful.

For the purpose of my blog however, Dainty means something considered choice to read (in this context) as well as referring to me as delicately beautiful, intricately formed by God.

A little confession…

The name came about after many failed attempts at getting a blog name (funny how every name I came up with had already been taken). Conveniently, ‘dainty’ was the word for the day and I was like ‘Oh well! It just might be ‘Dainty M’ and there it is! 🙂

Photo by me

Photo by me

So that’s the meaning of my blog name. 🙂

2 days down, 29 to go!

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Introduction and a recent picture -Day1


Happy new month!

So, I have decided to embark on the 31 days writing challenge and it promises to be a lot of fun.

Here we go…

Photos by Me

Photo by Me

Day 1: Introduction and a recent picture

Firstly, I’m the girl who God loves 🙂

I’m proudly Nigerian

I‘m the last born of 3 pretty ladies 🙂

I could be pretty weird sometimes

I love using emoticons to express myself and I can’t seem to find any here- somebody help, how do I get emoticons?

I still watch Disney channel…( judge not- LOL)

I speak fluent Hausa cos I grew up in the northern part of the country

I like smiling a lot! (it wasn’t always that way)  😀

I can’t get tired of watching romcoms (romantic comedy)  I love happy endings

I really have a thing for colors – I guess that’s why I love the rainbow

Uhmm, this should be a brief intro yeah, so I guess I’m done (drops imaginary pen)

Photo by Me

Photo by Me

Looking forward to the other days to come!


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Honey in the Carcass


Pain makes us stronger

Ever had one of those moments where it seems the world is crashing on you? Moments when you question everything around you including your faith?  That earth shattering, throat thickening, tears flowing kinda pain that is simply unexplainable? I’m pretty sure we have all tasted a bit of the pain pie at some point. But there’s this Kelly Clarkson’s song that says ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ and I find that to be true

I won’t lie and say that at the point of the pain you will feel strong. As a matter of fact, in my moments of pain and hurt, I’m the weakest of all; I sob, I sulk, I write and then I shut down. Literally, my mind shuts down as a defense mechanism from the pain.

How do we deal with the pain?

 People have devised different ways of dealing with pain. For some, it is avoidance, some others it’s shutting the world out or just burying one’s self in the pain till it stops hurting. For me, it’s throwing pity parties; I’d line up depressing songs in a playlist and eat lots of junk food (my fav is ice cream and pizza). Funny, how I enjoy wallowing in such depression like a duck in a lake.

Create an outlet for the pain to flow out.

Please do not keep the pain bottled up within you. It would get full and explode like a volcanic eruption within you someday.  Cry if you have to, hit the boxing bags if it makes you feel better, whatever you have to do to let the pain out, do it! And let it all go.

Now after the painful episode, tears and all, I go shopping. Shopping therapy works every time (except when you’re broke or under a tight budget-LOL). You could decide to hang out with friends, go for karaoke, go bowling, go hiking, go dancing, watch movies…whatever! Just make sure you have a good reason to stop drowning in your pool of despair.

I came across this interesting story about Samson who killed a lion and later went back to find honey in the carcass that was left behind.

Some days later when he came back to get her, he made a little detour to look at what was left of the lion. And there a wonder: a swarm of bees in the lion’s carcass—and honey! He scooped it up in his hands and kept going, eating as he went.

-Judges 14:8-9 (MSG)

God never wastes your pain

I haven’t had any kids (yet). But recently, my sister gave birth and she’s the first pregnant lady I have been privileged to spend some time with.

Birth pangs are simply indescribable. As strong as my sister was, the birth pangs were so severe that she wanted to scream, shove and push… Push, she did with every ounce of strength within her small frame. She pushed until his little adorable head popped out and the rest of the body slid out. Holding the cutest baby in the world in her arms, she quickly forgot about the pain and replaced the grimace on her face with a smile so wide! 🙂


God allows us experience pain so that he can birth his plans and purposes through us. Sometimes you have to go through trials and experience pain in order to build capacity to survive in life.
At the point of the pain, it’s really hard to see what good can come out of it. Most times I just want to give up and cry.
Looking back now, I can see the honey in my carcasses of pain
There are certain things I wouldn’t struggle with anymore because I’ve developed capacity to withstand them. For instance, I’ve come to understand that things won’t always go my way no matter how tightly I hold on to the control reins. And this has taught me to trust in God even when I feel everything slipping from my grasp.

Photo Credit: 9gag

Photo Credit: 9gag

Instead of brooding about the loss or gruesome pain within, why not take a detour to find the honey in the carcass? If we do not let the waves of pain overwhelm us, we’ll discover the surfboard of faith to rise above it, stronger and thankful that we overcame.
I don’t know what you’re going through right now but I need you to hold on. Just as the night doesn’t stop the sun from shining when it’s morning, so will the pain fade away when it’s time. I pray you find the honey in the carcass.

Have an awesome week ahead!

Lots of love ❤

© Mfon Etuk, 2015

Forsaken 3: Diamond Heist


Lisa woke up with a start, unsure of where she was. She looked around and noticed the grey curtains draping down the open windows. The strong stench of distilled cocaine mixed with the smoke from burning cigarettes that littered the floor hit her conscious sense like a mighty wave. It looked like a crack house. A sharp pain in her head left her in anguish as a flood of memories rushed in. How long had she been gone for? She couldn’t make out.

‘She’s awake!’ One of the guys exclaimed with a sigh of relief.

The second guy walked towards her, his 6 ft. statue towering over her.

‘What’s your name?’ He thundered.

Fear began to creep into her and she felt nauseous. She wasn’t sure if it was from the fear or from the hangover. She opened her mouth to respond but threw up on his white shoes instead.

‘What the heck!!!’ He yelled, plain disgust lacing his features.

‘I’m sor-‘ Lisa began to stammer before another load of vomit spewed out of her mouth.

Irritated, the man hit her hard on the face as he turned around to go clean up.

‘We should have killed her when we had the chance’ He spat out to the first guy.

‘We still need her. But if she does not cooperate, we can kill her.’ The first guy responded.

Lisa trembled. Her face stung from the slap the surly man had given her.

‘You need to cooperate with us if you love your life.’ The first guy snorted. ‘My name is Sam and he is Paul’ the man continued, motioning to the door where the second guy exited from.

‘My name is Lisa.’ Her voice was a mere whisper.

An evil grin played across his face as he handed her some wipes to clean up the floor.

Lisa remained motionless, pondering what they meant by ‘we still need her’

What did they need her for?

Lisa strained to hear Sam and Paul as they whispered behind the door.

‘It’s going down tonight’ Paul said with gritted teeth.

‘The girl will drive the getaway van while we both go in to get our diamonds’ Sam responded with undisguised excitement.

Were they planning a diamond heist? Lisa pondered. She momentarily glanced around the small house which had only a small window and a single door which she could not get to without passing through the men. She had never stolen anything before and the mere thought of it sent her belly twirling.

As though reading her thoughts, Paul emerged with a silver gun in his hand.

‘Here, you would need this tonight.’ The cold steel dropped on her sweaty palm sending shivers down her spine. She had never held a gun before but had watched enough action movies to know how it was used.

Paul’s back was facing her as she lifted her trembling arms in an attempt to pull the trigger. Snap! The trigger snapped without discharging any bullet. With a sneer, Paul turned around to see her holding the gun aimed at him.

‘You think I’m stupid enough to give you a loaded gun?’ He snarled as his fist united with her cheekbone. Lisa fell with a loud sound.

‘She is trouble’ Paul said to his partner who had just appeared through the door at the sound of the blow.

‘It’s just for tonight and we will eliminate her’ Sam replied reassuringly.

Lisa could taste blood in her mouth from the hard blow she had been dealt. She shivered.

Darkness spread across the sky like a wet blanket. The once busy streets lay deserted as the Van pulled up beside the Jewelry store. Lisa got to the driver’s seat as ordered and her wrist was handcuffed to the steering wheel. She was to be on the lookout for the police and call them if trouble arose. The instructions were clear and curt.

The masked men ran into the store with their duffel bags. With one earth shattering blow, the glass on the front door gave way to the robbers who doggedly rushed in.

Sam and Paul quickly scanned the empty store in search for particular diamonds they had gotten information on. There they were, carefully sealed in a glass case under security protection. Paul impatiently shot at the glass case until it cracked open. They quickly packed the diamonds into their bags along with stacks of money.

Sam’s cell phone rang and he picked it up.

‘We’ve gotten it.’ He answered excitedly.

‘Meet me at the back door.’ The man on the other end replied.

‘Yes boss.’ Sam responded as they quickly packed up the bags.

‘Did you hear that crashing sound?’ A puzzled look played across the policeman’s face as he asked his partner.

‘Yes I did. Let’s check it out.’ He replied as they got into their car.

The sirens of the police car pierced through the stillness of the night skies as Lisa squirmed in her seat, waiting for the guys to come out. She called but no one answered. Using her free hand, she grabbed her gun and shot at the handcuff with the bullet blazing her skin. Dang! She felt the burn on her skin. She quickly started the car in an attempt to run away.

Soon the policemen pulled over and ran into the store which had shattered glass in front. A store personnel emerged pointing at the van driving out of the bushes.

‘There!’ He exclaimed. ‘Don’t let her get away’

In no time Lisa was stuck in a police chase.


She stopped.

‘I didn’t do anything.’ She muttered as the policemen got her out of the cuffs into another. They did not hesitate to press charges including the possession of a gun and cocaine which was found in the back of the van.

She couldn’t believe Sam and Paul had left her as the fall guy. It was clearly a set up. Her heart slumped as she watched from the barred room what had become of her life.

If ever there was a God, he obviously did not care. The darkness seeped through her soul like water through cracks in the pavement. The one whom she once loved went to sleep and in came the thief, stealing away everything-including her very soul. Cold. She coiled up like a ball on the bunk bed, embracing her fate.

© Mfon Etuk, 2015

Photo Credit: istockphoto allanswart

Photo Credit: istockphoto allanswart

Bright Mornings

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Alas! The sun awakens to my hurts and fears

Kissing away my tears

Naked emotions left bare

Don’t need a shadow to hide in

Take away the heavy cloak of darkness

Uncover my shame


Thick darkness fades away

Like mist at noon


My very essence.

Healing. Still waters begin to flow,

As fresh wounds turn dry with every drop of water.

From darkness to light,

Sadness to laughter,

Night to day, black to white,

I’m changed forever.

© Mfon Etuk, 2015

He gets angry once in a while, but across
    a lifetime there is only love.
The nights of crying your eyes out
    give way to days of laughter.

-Psalm 30:5 (MSG)

Dark Nights

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I want to find solace in the dark

Even if it is for a night

Hiding behind the shadows

So no one sees the tears

Hot. They fall freely like a waterfall

I’m afraid of the sun

It just might burn my face

So I cover my face with my hands

The cold night pierces deep

With the sharp claws of dark

The pain turns to pleasure

As blood spills, cleaning the void

Oh sweet dark of night!

Take my pain away

Hide my fears behind the shadows

Let the sun not awaken

To my unending tears

Hand in chest-hole in heart

Nothing left behind

© Mfon Etuk, 2015

Photo Credit: flickrhivemind.net

Photo Credit: flickrhivemind.net

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