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Passing Through

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Everything cometh and goeth, like sun rises and sunsets. Vanishing into the abyss of our memories, like a mirage in the desert. Nothing seems to be permanent, stable, without fluctuation. Even time can’t fight it, as it trickles down, slowly but ever so surely. Nothing seems to be long lasting. Nothing seems to be forever.

We continue to go on like it doesn’t matter, like we aren’t all thinking the same thing. The inevitable, death. That experience we cannot but face, whether we be standing chin high to face it or ducking for cover as it charges onward to meet us, we, being prepared or not.
Smiles switch to frowns that switch to smiles and frowns over again; the unending conundrum Spins endlessly as we go onward with our lives, knowing our inevitable faith. Worrying never seems to solve anything, most certainly not this universal problem. We do it anyway, like some human impulse to stress. Rather than embrace it, accept it, fuse with it like birds in the sky, like fishes in the sea. We reject it, reject the obvious, reject our already plotted path. And why won’t we? , why won’t we fight for what we believe in?, for a future beyond the cold yard gates of death. For eons we be fighters, whether it be for our liberty or for our pride, blacks and Spartans alike, we have always been fighters. Never giving up, even when death cometh knocking on our very gates, when she stretches out her hands and grabs us by the neck, slowly choking the very life out of us. We wriggle none the less, with our last breath, we wriggle, less we be the next passengers on Kharon’s boat.
The question that many of our most brilliant minds have failed to even ask , talk less of answer is, why do we really live?. Why do we breathe, and love and hope and dream and believe. Many of us never seem to ask this, never even conjure it in our very narrow minds, filled with superficial dreams of what we want and how we want to get there. But the truth be, why do we want these things?, will it make us more comfortable ? More important ? Happier? . Will it stop that unwanted guest, death , from knocking on our doors?.
If we be as shallow enough to believe that, to believe that we are born for ourselves, then humanity is surely damned.
What then is life?, I pray ye. A play that has entrapped all of us, regardless of creed, race, nationality, gender, age. Forcing us to do her bidding, to act what we believe to be right; to live for ourselves, believing that we be permanent characters in its play, forgetting that we be dispensable, that we can be, and most certainly are going to be kicked into what we fear the most, the arms of her twin, death. cast in her own play. A play that no one ever watches. Therefore, can’t we thus say that we be merely travelers? , passing through this jungle to yonder? , and if then we be travelers, shan’t we be less greedy?, selfish, self centered. Shan’t we strive to leave something more important than a tombstone Inshrined into the earth for of course, riches cannot make the journey with us to yonder. Isn’t a travelers duty, besides seeing and striving to experience, struggling to see all that he can in the small window of his apartment?, over looking the city he has come to see, but only for a short time. Shan’t he then, knowing all this, fight , not to survive per-say, but also to leave a lasting legacy. Because , of course, he is a mere traveler, simply passing through.

Written by Obinna Obioma.


Finding Peace Being Single

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I’m finally finding peace,
Accepting this great stage of my life,
Nobody to keep thinking of,
Nobody to try and please,
Nobody to have a strife..

No one ever wants to be lonely,
Everytime the cold hands of loneliness grabbed me,
To another wrong guy I ran to for warmth,
Just to end up feeling more cold and alone than before..

Am tired of going through the same cycle,
Like a menstrual cycle,
So regular, I know when it would happen next,
He says hi and I say nice,
And soon my heart is turned to ice..

It always happens the same way,
Like am letting the same movie play,
I ‘think’ I like him,
My emptiness says go for him,
Soon I feel its not working,
I want out…everytime!

Why do I always want the red card?
My life feels like a House of cards,
Why do I start what I will end,
Leaving hearts that are hard to mend..

Finally shut the door to my heart,
But the window is still open,
People call me the serial heartbreaker,
I see me silently waiting for the next victim to walk in,
To break his very heart with my blood stained hands,
And coldstone heart..

No that’s not me,
That’s not who He’s said I am,
Why believe the lies,
Its time to break the ties,
Turning to see the one with nail pierced hands,
Waiting for me with open arms,
It seems He’s been waiting for a long time,
There are cobwebs on the seat He’s been sitting on..

That’s probably my life,
The true love I’ve avoided,
Looking for solace when He’s got a palace,
Having my heart torn apart while for me He got torn apart,
Am back home Lord,
Wrap me with your love,
Begin to stitch my broken heart,
I know I unwrapped the last three or four bandages even before the wounds healed,
I need to take a breath, give me an inhaler..

I’ve finally found peace in the Prince of peace,
The one true love that wraps me like a warm blanket in winter,
Not lonely and broken,
But complete with words left unspoken

© Mfon Etuk, 2014.

Perfect Daydream

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In my perfect daydream, am a dancer and you’re my instructor,
I dance to your tune as though you’re my regulator,
Our bodies move in rhythm,
Not to the beats by Dre but by Heart,
We tango so perfectly we can’t be torn apart

We are so Hip and we hop as bunnies,
So cute, so fluffy, they call us honeys,
You are so funny,
You make me laugh so hard even when I make mistakes so many

We waltz under the moonlight,
The playground becomes our stage,
We dance till we see the sunlight,
With you I want to age,
We are like two halves becoming one,
There’s nothing we can’t get done

They call us contemporary dancers,
Cause we dance in the contemporary era,
I make you laugh when I say cheesy stuffs like that,
And yeah I like you in that black hat,
It contrasts with the colour of your heart

I dance like Cinderella,
Under your umbrella,
Its raining ,
But we still continue training,
My heart is beating louder,
As you come so close to me

Tick tock,
One, two, three,
Steps keep coming up,
They should be called the Step Up Revolution,
We aren’t even bothered about the clock

I want to dance with you forever,
No matter the weather,
Regardless of whatever,
With you I’d never say never

© Mfon Etuk, 2014

Finding M.

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You say I am delicately beautiful
That’s why you call me Dainty
But I don’t feel that way
Not anymore, I’m just pitiful

Am tracing your footsteps
Trying to get back to you
To find my meaning in you
For I can only find myself when I find you

Its a long road
And its so broad
The world before me awaits
But I just want you to uncover me

© Mfon Etuk, 2014.

Higher Heights

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I want to soar high

Reach heights farther than sky high

I want to be the head

So that I could take the lead

I don’t want to settle for average

Cause that’s the enemy

Now it feels like the storm will rage

But with you in the boat I have got the victory

I want to shine like the star above

So that the kids will sing the twinkle twinkle song

If I have all the above

I would sing the victory song

Lord I don’t want to be just the best

I want to be able to pass the test

So that when you come for me on that day

I would have a lot to say



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You are not scared of the dark,

You are scared of what is in it

You are not afraid of heights,

You are afraid of falling

You are not afraid of the people around you,

You are just afraid of rejection

You are not afraid to love,

You are just afraid of not being loved back

You are not afraid of moving to thee next level,

You are just scared of failure