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Another Liebster Award

Happy weekend guys!

How’s the first weekend in November looking? Remember to take some time to just rest.

liebster-2I got nominated for the Liebster award a while back by my blogger-friends Courtney from 1 Timothy 4:12 Girl and Emily from Fearfully Wonderfully Me. These girls have helped my blog in so many ways. They are devout Christians who are unashamed to preach the word. And hey, Emily is amazing with fashion and Courtney is also a great fiction writer. Please check their blogs out. You’d never regret it! 😀 Thank you guys for this award. It’s absolutely humbling! I’m grateful to God for this privilege! Continue reading “Another Liebster Award”

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Handwriting Tag

Happy weekend fam!

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The handwriting tag is a pretty cool one. I got challenged to do this after reading The Dream’s Blog Please check out his blog, lots of deep stuffs there! 🙂

So yeah, without further ado, let’s get started! *game face* Continue reading “Handwriting Tag”

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Weekend Extra: Q and A



Hey guys!
Happy weekend!
Hope your weekend is really chilled… Raise your hands if your weekend is all ‘stay at home and Garfield’ 😂🙆🙋
Yay! It’s Questions and Answers! 💃 I love this feature because I get to learn a whole lot from you all. Thank you for that! ❤
So yeah, the whole talk on marriage keeps reoccurring. As you reach your 20s, society consciously or unconsciously puts pressure on marriage by constantly asking ‘when are you getting married?’ Or ‘is that the one’ for every picture you have with an opposite sex.
Although, we know better than to allow society pressurize us into marriage and all,
I have to ask…

How old is old enough for marriage?

Are you most marriable only in your 20s or 30s? Or do you still have great chances of getting married in late 40s and 50s? How about those who get married at 18, or 19? Too young?

So guys, please state your response in the comment section. How old is old enough for marriage? Please give you reasons for the age range selected.

Remember you could reply another person’s comment respectfully. No opinion is irrelevant please. Thank you!

Have fun answering! 😊

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Anon.’s Musings:  WHO AM I?

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The name is My Name.

I’m a man. I’m a good man, I think I am. Yeah, I should be. I try to be a good person. And I hope with God’s grace I will be. I live a calm and happy life. Calm in the way that I like it. Comfortable enough for me. Yeah, a good life. I want the good things of life; yeah I do, who doesn’t? While trying not to cross over to the other side- lust. I pray for Grace.

I want to make the whole world a better place, and I believe I’m working towards it, with grace on my side; a whole lot of her, LOL. I think I just wrote down ‘LOL’ for the first time in my life on paper. I have a grin on my face right now mehnContinue reading “Anon.’s Musings:  WHO AM I?”

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Weekend Extra: Q & A

q-and-aHey guys!

How’s the weekend going? I hope yours has been better than mine 😊

I came across this funny symbol for the friend-zone and I couldn’t stop laughing at it. I mean it simply captures the whole situation where one person has feelings for another while the other person is just like; ‘we’re friends dude, nothing more!’ 😦 😦 

Continue reading “Weekend Extra: Q & A”

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My Commencement Day

‘Your education is that one whistle waiting to be blown. As soon as you wear the gown, your life begins in a grand style.’ That has always been my mum’s anthem.

“Earn a degree before anything else. The future kicks off as soon you do.”

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I’m a few minutes away from earning my much revered bachelor’s degree and guess what?  Continue reading “My Commencement Day”