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Someone I would like to switch lives with for a day and why -Day24

Photos by Me
Photos by Me

Someone I would like to switch lives with for a day and why

Well, the classic thing I would have said is ‘nah, I’m fine just being me’. But that would be a lie, worse than the lie of “I have read and accept all the terms and conditions”(no one ever really reads all that). At some point in our lives we’ve looked at someone and wished we had their lives. The grass always seems greener on the other side, doesn’t it?

Someone I’d like to switch lives with for a day would be one of my senior friends, Shikah. She’s super cool and she seems to be able to have everything under control. She doesn’t allow petty things get to her- she can care less for Africa!

She doesn’t like to be put in a box; she constantly pulls down labels people try to place on her. She’s opinionated but also very fast to learn. She’s courageous enough to pursue her dreams and I always wonder how she does it!

I like how she makes everyone happy (at least her friends and family). She’s an amazing listener and always has wisdom nuggets suitable for different situations (no, she’s not 60 but she’s wise like that-lol)

Plus, switching lives with her for a day means I get to sleep without worrying about everything. I get to be there for all my friends at the point where they need me. And I also know when to close the doors for a ‘me’ time, coiled up with a book and a snack bar.

So yeah, if I could switch lives for a day, it’d be with her (though I’m pretty sure that she would frown at the thought of coming back to work) 

There are certain people we consciously or unconsciously would like to switch lives with for a day or more. Some people say stuffs like ‘If only I had her life’ or ‘why can’t I be like this other person who has everything easy going?’ Truth is, these other people are equally going through their own different struggles. You never know where the shoe pinches until you try to walk in them. If you’re one who doesn’t fully love your life and always wishes to switch lives with someone else, reality check hun! The grass may seem greener on the other side, but the thorns may be sharper too. Accept who you are and love everything about you. Of course, there is the place to admire and appreciate others but don’t sulk because you haven’t got what they’ve got going on. There are some burdens you can never carry, believe me!

It’s always my desire that you live victorious lives! 🙂

Day 24 down, 7 more to go.

Yes we can!

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A letter to my parents -Day23

Photos by Me
Photos by Me

A letter to my parents

Hi guys!

I hope you had a beautiful Sunday.

Well, I really like Sundays cause I get to go praise God with others and listen to empowering sermons.Then of course, eat the special Sunday rice afterwards and spend time with family. It’s just a restful day and a perfect day to recoup for the week ahead.

Parents have played major roles in our lives. They’ve been the guardian angels for us on earth. It’s important to take some time out and appreciate their efforts over the years. So here is the challenge for today;

Dear Parents,

Thank you for everything you’ve been doing for me. You’ve trained me in the way that I should go and I can’t depart from it. You’ve also given me all the vital tools to survive in life. Of course the training process wasn’t always fun. There were times when I just couldn’t get why you were so hard on me but I got to learn mediocrity was never an option. I had to be the best there was, even if this meant staying at home studying when my friends were out playing (it sucked at the time).

Mom, you’ve always paid attention to every detail about my life.  You even listened to words I never said out. Thank you for the love you showered on us. Thank you for teaching me how to stay strong and be who I am without excuses. The values and good manners you impacted in our lives go a long way in defining who we are today.

Dad, you’re my hero! As my only male model, you’ve set a standard so high, anyone that would break it would need to receive special grace from God 😉 . You always cheered me on even when I felt I couldn’t measure up to your expectations. Thanks for believing in me.

Thank you for teaching me the beauty in love, marriage and family. Most importantly, thank you for teaching me about God. Mom, I’ll never forget all the Bible stories you often shared with us. Thank you so much for being such a blessing.

Words are inadequate to express my deep gratitude to God for keeping you and to you, for loving us and molding us to be the best we can. Every single day I think about you, I bless God for sending me to the right family.  We’ve had our highs and lows; few lows where I even thought of running away- childish foolishness. But through it all, I realize that family remains even when everyone else disappears.

Thank you for being my parents; I couldn’t wish for any better. You are the best for me and I love you! 🙂

God bless you!

Yours truly,


Close with this word;

Children, do what your parents tell you. This is only right.

“Honor your father and mother” is the first commandment that has a promise attached to it, namely, 

So you will live well and have a long life.” 

Fathers, don’t exasperate your children by coming down hard on them. Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master- Eph 6:1-4 (MSG)

Your turn…

Why not write a letter to your parents? It may seem silly at first but I’m sure they would really appreciate it. 🙂

Have a blessed week ahead!

Day 23 down, 9 more to go.

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Ten Favourite Things -Day22

Hey guys!

Hope your weekend has been coming on smoothly.

Well,I think mine has been; I stepped out of my comfort zone today and it was freaking hard! But I learnt a lot from it though. Someone once said, life begins at the end of the comfort zone and I couldn’t agree more. I guess there’s so much about life for us to explore once we take the big leap of faith, totally trusting God to catch us if we fall (I always picture Him saying “I’ve got yo back girl”).

Are you stuck in a rut because you’re too scared to step out of your comfort zone? Snap out of it! There’s a whole lot about life outside your cute little bubble.Take practical steps to overcome the shackles of the comfort zone and become all that God wants you to be. Remember, He’s always super psyched to help, don’t hesitate to ask for his help.

So in line with the challenge for today, here are my 10 favourite things.

10 favourite things

  1. Highlighters and sticky notes

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    Photo credit:
  2. Colored journals
  3. Movies
  4. Dance

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  5. Sitcoms
  6. White gadgets
  7. Fashion accessories

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  8. Cuddly bears
  9. Sneakers

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  10. Yummy chops

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    Photo Credit:

Yup! those are are my favourite 10 things- for now.

What are your favourite things?

Remember the weekend is a great bonding time for family and friends. Give a call to someone you love this weekend and let them know how much you love them 🙂

Have an amazing weekend!

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Something I miss- Day21

Photos by Me
Photos by Me

Something I miss

It’s day 21! Thank God it’s Friday! 😀

Been thinking of this challenge for a while now and I have finally settled on it.

For me, something I miss is my childhood home. It was located in a quiet town tucked amongst the hills and valleys of the north eastern part of the country.

Well, it was a quiet town just before the terrorists invaded and turned it to a land of ruins. From being a town that people barely knew, it became the headline on the news every night.

I never got to pack or have the jitters associated with moving. I never even got to say goodbye to my childhood friends. I still remember the peaceful streets where we often rode our bikes. I remember the mango tree that provided shade as well as tasty fruits. I remember the playground outside that gave me lots of scars to remember. I remember all the adorable birthday parties we had as kids- those were the good old days. Sighs.

I miss the scenic views of the mountains; the beautiful feel of fresh air every morning; the cock crows that served as alarm clocks. I miss the small garden mom planted- green and lush plants with beautiful fruits to pluck. I miss taking a stroll down to my friend’s house where we would chat about everything. I miss walking down to mom’s clinic whenever I felt a slight pain (never even knew how much drugs cost)

It was a pretty small town with so many friends and memories. But I never got the chance to say goodbye. Or to leave a footprint somewhere in the northern sands.

This reminds me of how the coming of the Lord would be. It would be all too sudden for the unprepared. You won’t have the time to drag others with you at that point. So why wait till then to get prepared?

It was the same in the time of Lot – the people carrying on, having a good time, business as usual, right up to the day Lot walked out of Sodom and a firestorm swept down and burned everything to a crisp. 

That’s how it will be – sudden, total – when the Son of Man is revealed. 

When the Day arrives and you’re out working in the yard, don’t run into the house to get anything. And if you’re out in the field, don’t go back and get your coat. 

Remember what happened to Lot’s wife!

-Luke 17:28-32 (MSG)

It’s pretty easy to blame Lot’s wife for turning back to see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah even though she was instructed not to. I can relate with that. It’s heart breaking to watch all you’ve worked for and treasured go down in ruins. Lots of people lost expensive properties as well as loved ones due to the invasion of that little town I once called home-safe.

Another lesson I’ve learnt from this is to store up treasures in Heaven where no moth or rust will attack. For, where your treasure is, that’s where your heart would be.

Don’t hoard treasure down here where it gets eaten by moths and corroded by rust or – worse! – stolen by burglars. 

Stockpile treasure in heaven, where it’s safe from moth and rust and burglars. 

It’s obvious, isn’t it? The place where your treasure is, is the place you will most want to be, and end up being. 

-Matt 6:19-21 (MSG)

Although the loss of my childhood home and some properties brings so much gloom to my heart, I’m still forever grateful my parents came out of it alive. I’m happy all the relationships I built there are still alive. Shout out to my childhood friends and families who survived the horror of that incidence. I bless God for your lives! 🙂

Day 21 down, 10 more to go!

Yes we can!

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Current Book I’m Reading -Day20

Current Book I’m Reading

I’m currently reading two books.

The first is “How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer” and the second is “Romance Stew by Becky Ruff”.

How to hear from God by Joyce Meyer is a pretty interesting book. She explains in length how every child of God ought to hear from God personally. She also gives detailed descriptions of the various ways God talks to us. He doesn’t always have to talk to you through a voice booming from the heavens, he can talk to you in the stillness of your heart.

The need for listening ears is a very important part I picked up. Truth is, lots of us communicate with God in a monologue form and not dialogue. We pray to God and ask for a million things but hardly listen to what He has to say. I’ve been guilty of this countless times. But it shouldn’t be. A one sided relationship where the girl talks all day and the guy only listens is pretty boring. It’s important to create the right atmosphere to hear God speak to you. Wouldn’t it be really fun to hear God speak to you personally? Get the book! 😀

Photo by me
Photo by me

Romance Stew is an equally thought-provoking book centered on the ingredients needed to brew the romance stew. If you are a romantic, you would love to read this. Becky Ruff writes based on her experiences and the lessons learnt overtime. She talks about falling in and outta love and still having the courage to seek love and romance. She explains the need for individuality even when together with another person.

Indeed, some of us encounter issues while in a relationship because we lose our individuality and depend completely on the other partner. We even change everything about us to suit the other person’s desires. This in turn develops a strain on the relationship which leads to an eventual break. Try not to lose who you are while in a union with someone else. What makes a relationship spicy is the different independent personalities that come together to mix things up. Be yourself!

The books are both fascinating and I look forward to completing them 🙂

Your turn…

What books are you currently reading?

Day 20 down, 11 more to go.

Yes we can!

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Favourite Superhero and Why -Day19

Favourite superhero and why

My favourite super hero is…








 LOL. Of course, batman deserves such a dramatic entrance.

Even without superpowers, Batman makes the best use of science and technology, his detective skills, his physical and intellectual prowess as well as his vast wealth. He constantly tries to keep the city safe and free of villains.

His day time persona is that of a rich guy; Bruce Wayne, a philanthropist, a fine guy (as well as a chic-magnet).

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

Why Batman is my favourite superhero

His brain power- A friend described Batman’s IQ as Mt Everest- it’s crazy high! I’m always intrigued by his genius abilities. He thinks fast, he’s a strategist and he’s always in control. With his smooth interrogative skills, he can get the truth out of the bottom of your guts. His crime solving skills are fascinating.

His physical prowess- Batman trains a lot. He makes up for his lack of super powers with his physical strength and athletic physique.  He’s got some crazy martial arts skills as well. And he’s hot! Classic 6 packs! Lol.

His classic bat signal– the bat signal speaks terror to the villains. It breathes intimidation. The bat signal beams in the sky while batman straps in his suit and does what he’s best at-saving people. Back in Secondary school, I would draw the bat signal at the back of my notebooks. A friend of mine had to draw the full portrait of Batman for me because of how crazy I was about him 😀

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

His costume- I trip, fall, get up and trip again for his costume. It’s black, it’s elegant, it’s classy, full of mystery. I like everything about the costume including the mask. It’s not the regular colourful spandex that other super heroes wear, Batman’s suit is just awesome!

His toys– sleek automobiles and top class weaponry. His stash of gadgets are simply dope! (Of course, he plays with them-who wouldn’t?)

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

One last thing, no time for Jokers!

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Photo Credit:

Batman is a fascinating character for me because he was a child who witnessed his parents’ murder and grew up determined to take down the villains. He could have wallowed in self-pity but he didn’t. Instead, he rose above it; training himself constantly. His doggedness is out of this world! He never backs down. And the fear that could have held him down is what he used to his advantage.

Just goes to show how far we can go with determination. Remember the guys in the Bible that were determined to build a tower that would bring them closer to heaven, yeah? God had to scatter them because he knew the power of determination and unity. So really, there is nothing you can’t achieve when you are determined and diligent in your work. Sha, don’t be beating against God’s wind before you end up as the tower of Babel did. 😛

 Your turn…

Who is your favourite superhero?

Day 19 down, 12 more to go!

It’s not over until it’s over.

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What makes me different from everybody else? -Day18

What makes me different from everybody else?

When I saw this challenge, I was like ‘yeah, this should be easy breezy’ but hell no! It isn’t.

This question got me pondering all day till I got a little more clarity on the bus ride with a friend. Indeed everyone is different from the next person, but how? We all have eyes, ears, legs, hands and other physical features. Yet, there are still distinct differences even between identical twins. It’s safe to say no two individuals are the same.

The most glaring differences between each and every one are; our souls and DNAs. We have different behaviours, different upbringings, different thoughts, different attitudes, different experiences, different world views and all of these culminate in our individual differences. We also have different DNAs no matter how deeply related we are.

So here are a few differences I could gather about myself;

  • I pay rapt attention to the tiniest details- I spot out birth marks, new scents, a straying hair on the chin, a dent in the dentition, shaving patterns, fingernails- to mention a few. Sometimes it comes off really creepy to people who don’t know me well. I also keep a detailed record of my first meeting with people who have become a part of my life-what the person wore, said, including the circumstances surrounding such meetings.
  • I plan everything about me- I literally write down my outfits for the month, I draw up food menus for the week, I have plans for the books to read, plans for the hairstyles to make, plans for the income I get, plans for everything! I feel like a fish out of water when I’m not working with a laid down plan.
  • I have weird mood swings- I could be all talkative one minute and the next, I’m withdrawn. There are also times when I wake up determined to remain in my shell even if the whole world tries to bring me out. My mood swings are a bit more curtailed-thank God!
  • I can stay in my room for a whole month-as long as there’s light, wifi, gadgets and food. Really, why go out when you can shop online, order food online, make friends online, write and watch movies? #justsaying
  • I’m very personal about personal effects- cutlery, cups, brushes, towels, clothes, phones, etc They are ‘personal’ not for the masses.
  • I have teeny tiny toe nails on my last toes. I can’t even apply nail polish on them.
  • I don’t trust spas enough to lie down bare and face down on a massage table. Heck!! I could be stabbed from behind (my imaginations always run wild) I’m also freaked out when I’m physically touched. It feels like a million spiders dancing on my skin.
  • I can’t stand closed windows or enclosed spaces (especially when there are a million other people sharing the same air)
  • I always hold on tight to the control reins of my mind and emotions. I try to appear calm and collected despite the chaos going on in my head.
  • I smile a lot especially when I’m nervous or when I’m in a new place. I’m the girl with a golden smile 😀

Okay! I think I’ve said a whole lot. Phew!

I know some people can still relate to these differences on different levels.

Once again, no two people are the same; embrace your individuality.

The little things that differentiate us from others are the things that make us unique. So hey, don’t go hiding away your uniqueness when it could actually be a blessing to someone else.

Close with these quotes:

Growing up, I just wanted to be like everyone else. I didn’t value or understand the beauty in being different at the time in my life. -Marisol Nichols

I have long ago accepted that I am a little crazy and a little weird. It wasn’t that exciting a revelation though. Turns out everyone is. -Dan Pearce

The person who follows the crowd will usually go no further than the crowd. The person who walks alone is likely to find himself in places no one has ever seen before. -Albert Einstein

Your turn…
What makes you different?

Day 18 down, 13 more to go.

Let’s do this!


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