19 Out of 29 Things To Do!

10 days to go!! Yes! It’s been such an inspiring journey doing the 29 Things in 29 Days Challenge!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Today’s Challenge: Start a Long Term Project

I first thought, hey, this is easy; I’d write a book. But I had started that project long before now, and I hope to complete it soon . So for this challenge, I thought of something else! Something more daring. Something that would challenge me to get it done.

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Up for a Catch up?

For four days, I felt an uneasiness in me as the days rolled by. It was as though I wanted to act, but my body was numb. It was the familiar paralyzing effect of writer’s block. But let’s back up a bit, have you read about the 29 Things in 29 Days Challenge that we’re on?

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