Welcome to day 4 of our 30 Days of Gratitude challenge.

This month has been full of miracles for me. Things I wanted, I received. Even as tiny as a bow hair ribbon I wished for. I have had several reasons to laugh and to testify! This is so significant because less than a week ago I was crying in my pillow about how lost and stuck I felt. I couldn’t see the light. I just couldn’t. But as I focus on gratitude, my mind is forced to shift from what hasn’t been working to what is working. I have a million miracles to thank God for! And I’m sure if you look closer, you will see that life isn’t that bad. Let’s get to today’s prompt!

Photo Credit: PageFlutter.com

Day 4: Call a Friend

Have you ever wanted to talk about your feelings or what you’re dealing with, but ended up making excuses for your friends being too busy to talk to you? We sometimes hesitate when it comes to calling friends to share what we’re going through because we fear we may just be burdens to them. Crazy, right? I mean, how many times have you thought of your friends as being burdens when they call you to assist them to navigate a tough season? Well, this is my major fear when it comes to calling friends when I’m not in a good place, yet. I always want to be the strong and happy friend they can talk to. But even strong friends need encouragement. So make that call.

I know this sounds strange since we are talking about gratitude. Gratitude also means realizing that God has blessed you with good friends/family members you can reach out to. Humans need community and support to thrive. And hey, if you are in a good place, still call a friend to catch up. You don’t know who may be in dire need of that friendly call.

Photo by Ebuka Onyewuchi on Pexels.com

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.

Ed Cunningham

It’s your turn! Go call that friend.




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