It’s another amazing time to reconnect and look back on the year with our annual Think-Thank Challenge! The year 2022 for me was 100% winging it and trusting that God got me! And He did! It wasn’t an easy ride, but I can look back with deep gratitude for how it all worked out. ❤️

It doesn’t matter if the big things we’ve been praying for didn’t happen, spend some time to look at those seemingly ‘little things’—like the functioning of your kidney or liver, and the gift of free oxygen. There’s so much to be thankful for!

It’s so easy to fall into the routine sadness and pining that we didn’t achieve what we wanted this year… but if you’re reading this with two eyes, and a brain that understands these words, then you’ve got a whole lot to be grateful for! 😄

Sit back, think and thank! What has the year been like from January till now? 🤔


For me, I’m thankful for the new friends I made and old friends I kept. I’m thankful for the seasonal changes and the beauty in each one. I’m thankful for the sun that rises so majestically and sets in all its orange hues. I’m thankful for the gift of family, for money to go shopping, for a roof over my head, for constant supply of food, power, internet and clean water. I’m thankful for good health, sound mind and grace to keep moving on. I’m thankful for the gift of His son, who is the reason for this season. I’m thankful for the hope we can find in Jesus. I’m thankful for the gift of you, readers, who still check on my blog despite my inconsistency this year (thank you!)

So what are you thankful for? You can write them in your notepad or journal or leave a comment for me to know what you’re thankful for! 😃

I wish you and your loved ones a very Lovely Christmas! 🌲



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