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They say the only constant in life is change. Yet, I still cringe everytime the winds of change blow my way. I saddle my seatbelt and hold on tightly to my seat because I have no idea what’s going to happen next. What if what I’m about to face is worse than what I’m leaving?

God loves to take us through seasons of change. ‘Forget the former things’ He says. ‘I’m doing a new thing.’ (Isaiah 43:18-19)

Sometimes, it takes months or even years to see what this new thing is. We go through the motions; the highs and lows, questioning the purpose of it all. Why the heartbreaks? Why the losses? Why the rejections? Oh, and the silence! It never makes sense.

Then, someday down the line, you look back at what seemed like a zig-zag journey with no direction. Instead, you see a well placed puzzle. Each intricate piece fits right where it ought to. Finally, it all makes sense. You had to lose something to gain the empathy to deal with that situation further down the line. You had to meet some horrible people to know how not to treat people. You had to go through the fire to come out as gold.

Change isn’t easy. But it’s a part of life we must embrace. Just like the seasons change, whatever you’re going through right now will someday come to an end. I trust God that we’ll come out much better than ever!

Hang in there!



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