Forgive my inconsistency in posting the 29 Things To Do in 29 Days Challenge! This doesn’t mean I have stopped. Not at all! Especially when we’re this close to the end (3 days to go!! 💃💃)

If you’ve been following the entire challenge, I want to say a very big thank you to you. You’re amazing!

A quick recap; the entire idea behind this challenge was to do a number of things I had always wanted to do but either kept postponing or was too inhibited to try them. This time, I challenged myself to do them all in 29 days! Some were as practical as visiting the dentist, others were a little more whimsical like watching the sunrise and sunset of the same day. Please feel free to check out all the posts you may have missed.

Now to the latest challenges!

Day 24: Cook a New Recipe

I’ve never really considered cooking as one of my greatest strengths. If I’m being honest, I kinda dread the kitchen (some unresolved trauma there perhaps. Haha.) Although, on some leisure days, I find myself actually enjoying whipping up some recipes. The 24th was one of such days! I made macaroni with a twist. It wasn’t my usual style of tossing everything in absent-mindedly and making jollof Mac. This time I was deliberate in making it richer- a little more veggies for the veggie lovers as well as some shredded beef and sausages for the meat lovers. I enjoyed making it (and eating it of course!)

Just recently I was thinking of how I finally feel the joy a mother feels when her food is properly eaten by the family. There’s this internal satisfaction when you see others enjoying your meal and clearing up their plates. It was like an epiphany for me. Lol.

Day 25: Join a Class on a Totally New Subject

I attended an online class on Healing Emotional Trauma. I found it really enlightening as it led me to find more resources on healing the inner child. It’s all new to me, especially with my interest in psychology.

I heard somewhere that the polite thing to do is deal with our issues before inflicting them on others. Unfortunately, a lot of us carry our emotional baggage from relationship to relationship. In this year of being intentional about living a free and joyful life, I’m learning to deal with whatever underlying emotional trauma or baggage I still have. I invite you to do same! Of course healing is messy and it takes time, so be patient with yourself, and be kind to yourself. You’ve got this!

Day 26: Plan a Birthday Party

Everything about this challenge has been a celebration of my time on earth. The joy of being alive and well! We must celebrate every day we wake up and can breathe and function as sound minded human persons. I had bounced around several ideas, from having a rendezvous in various West African countries to literally staying indoors and doing nothing. But every new year must be celebrated! We’re here because God made it possible. So I’m definitely going to be celebrating His faithfulness in my life by enjoying fine dining! Feel free to join me. 😁

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The time has come to lay that baggage down and leave behind all the struggling and striving. You can be set free as you journey forward into a balanced healthy and rewarding future.

Sue Augustine



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