10 days to go!! Yes! It’s been such an inspiring journey doing the 29 Things in 29 Days Challenge!

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Today’s Challenge: Start a Long Term Project

I first thought, hey, this is easy; I’d write a book. But I had started that project long before now, and I hope to complete it soon . So for this challenge, I thought of something else! Something more daring. Something that would challenge me to get it done.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

A long term project I would like to undertake is travelling the world! Most importantly, documenting my travels from within my country and everywhere else! It gets me so excited just thinking about all the places, people, and cultures that are out there to discover.

This project will definitely involve time, planning, research, lots of savings, and the courage to just do it! I hope to revisit this project from time to time and know I’ve made progress. So this is me committing my ways to God, and hoping for clear direction on this. (Ps 37:5)

Set a goal to achieve something so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time.

Bob Proctor

What long term project are you going to challenge yourself to start?



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