For four days, I felt an uneasiness in me as the days rolled by. It was as though I wanted to act, but my body was numb. It was the familiar paralyzing effect of writer’s block. But let’s back up a bit, have you read about the 29 Things in 29 Days Challenge that we’re on?

I’m so sorry that I wasn’t able to show up for the past three days. I felt really bad about not staying true to my commitment. But I also learnt how to be patient with myself and how to trust the process. That said, let’s quickly catch up on four challenges in one!

Day 15: invest in a quality item of fashion

Here’s a little secret, like many girls, I thoroughly enjoy shopping! It sends my dopamine levels flying over the roof. So, even though I couldn’t bring myself to write and post on the blog, I was able to go shop for outfits I like. As my mom would say, no one dances as much as a person wearing new clothes. I’ve been pretty psyched! 😅

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Day 16: Listen to a Stranger’s story

I met someone while going about my regular cycling rounds. For someone who always has music blasting from her AirPods, I don’t know why or how I took interest in this stranger. I said hi and we exchanged numbers. (Yet, somehow, I still find it awkward talking to a stranger and trying to know more about them.)

Surprisingly, conversations flowed with ease. We cracked a few jokes here and there and soon we were talking often. I listened to this person talk about their health journey. I was curious to know why they were so devoted to exercising. Turns out this person just builds their life around having a healthy body, mind and soul. I found that fascinating. From diet to yoga, and minimized screen time, it was as though he was a robot following specific commands. I wish I could be that devoted to my overall health… but as it is, I’m still a work in progress. (Read as I reward myself with a sandwich every time I do an exercise.)

I’m actually happy I reached out first, and unlocked a channel of communication. I look forward to speaking with new strangers after this.

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Day 17: Find a new hobby

As my frustration about not being able to post my challenge continued, I reignited my reading hobby. One would assume every writer would love reading, but these days I feel like my attention span is thinning out and I can’t bear the torture of two hundred pages of literature.

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Funny how as a teenager, I enjoyed reading books and exchanging new books with friends. Now I’m just interested in movies that give me a summary of the story. 😅

My journey back to reading books has been a little slow, but it’s on a steady rise and for that I’m grateful. Please feel free to share books with me (that are less than 100 pages).

Day 18: Watch a movie alone at the cinema

Plot twist, I’ve been at the movies at least twice since the challenge started, but never alone. This doesn’t mean I have never gone alone to the movies before, because I have and it’s strangely very liberating. I remember those moments with a revered fondness. I’d just take myself out to the movies and enjoy popcorn and good laughs (yes, alone). But now with Netflix and everything else, I obtain the same satisfaction of seeing movies alone and being in my own world without having to leave my home. That said, I know I’m gonna upset some people when I say I was kinda disappointed at the last movie I saw—Batman. I felt a little let down by the character replacement. (In my opinion, Ben Affleck was way better).

Moving on! Thank you for bearing with me on this catch up post! I hope to write to you soon.

There are millions of incredible moments in a day. Even if you lose 1000’s, there are 100’s of them still left. Make them yours.

Hiral Nagda



3 thoughts on “Up for a Catch up?

  1. I’ve actually never had a problem going to movies alone before, even from a young age, and I’ve found it to be fun, especially when there are less people in the cinema. Great list of challenges here. Kudos for completing them!


    1. Thank you so much, Stuart! Some were really challenging, but fun in general. I will surely redo the going to movies alone bit to remind myself how fun it is! 😁🤗


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