Welcome to another episode of the 29 Things To Do in 29 Days Challenge!

Today’s Challenge: Make New Friends with People from Different Nationalities

Photo Credit: Pexels.com

Actually, I had already started this long before now, and it’s been so fun!

From blogging, to Social media and to apps like Bumble, I’ve made a number of friends from different countries. Getting to understand their culture and different languages has been really enlightening for me. I didn’t only make new friends, but also learnt a bit of French, Italian and Spanish. I had a friend from Egypt show me pictures of the country away from the pyramids we always associate Egypt with. Lol. I’m also learning more about Indian cuisines and might try out a new recipe (fingers crossed).

I’m not as open minded when it comes to food, but once I try it and love it, there’s no going back! 😅

We expand our horizons when we keep an open mind towards meeting new people, and accepting them the way they are. Yes, there are stereotypes and biases, but you’ve got to keep them out of your mind and just get to know people genuinely. I find it interesting doing so. Everyone has a story to tell, you’ve just got to listen.

Photo Credit: Pexels.com

Basically, I’m very passionate about making new friends from other countries because it allows me see the world! I may not be able to travel to every country just yet, but I can learn about how Arabic is used in Morocco alongside other languages. I can learn more about Middle-Eastern cuisines and how they share similar cultures with countries in Northern Africa. I can see photos of cafés in Luxembourg, and at the same time learn more about Israel. I can also share photos of my country and explain to others that Africa is one large continent and not a country. There’s so much one can learn from speaking to people and asking them questions about the countries they come from or have traveled to.

Ps: we don’t have animals roaming the streets of the city as though it were Lion King or something 😂

So, take advantage of social media, online dating, artsy environments or restaurants where foreigners in your country frequent and just get to meet them and know them better. You may learn a thing or two! Try new food. Learn new languages. Also, don’t force friendships, let it all flow naturally. Make friends with people of similar value systems.

My favorite scene from Mamma Mia! The world is wide and life is short, so make new friends and see the world through their eyes.

Have you tried making friends with people of different nationalities? What was your experience like? Please share in the comments section.

Each new friendship can make you a new person because it opens up new doors inside of you.

Kate DiCamillo



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