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So yesterday’s challenge was to ‘Declutter wardrobe’ closely followed by the next challenge ‘Donate old things’.

I had been postponing organizing my wardrobe for so long! It’s one of those moments of ‘organized chaos’ where everything is scattered but you still know how to find any item you’re searching for.

Photo Credit: Alldaychic.com

On Saturday, I rolled out of bed, rolled up my imaginary sleeves, and got to decluttering my wardrobe. First, I brought out everything into a heap on the bed, then started sorting through. From articles I had read, I asked myself the following three questions; Do I love it? Do I need it? Do I wear it? This method helped me get rid of some clothes, thereby giving me more wardrobe space.

Photo Credit: Growensemble.com

If you’re sentimental about stuff like me, it may be hard to let go of some of your items… but you have to. On the flip side, I really love buying new outfits, so I cheered myself with the fact that reducing the stuff in my wardrobe would make room for getting more items (and enjoying the dopamine that comes with shopping). It’s a total win-win!

So after listening to Mary-Mary’s album, ‘Incredible,’ (which was my favorite album while doing chores as a kid), I was able to sort out clothes to donate to goodwill. Thus clearing out two challenges this weekend! (Does a self high-five like Barney from HIMYM)

I couldn’t help associating decluttering with the mind. How we hold on to these negative emotions that no longer serve us just because they are very familiar. We run away from change, we stick to routines (even though we’re bored out of our minds), we allow fear to stop us from living what could be our best lives and we hold onto things that are too heavy to bear. Maybe this is why Jesus said to cast our burdens on him. All these negative emotions of fear, anger, unforgiveness, people-pleasing, envying, etc can be way too heavy to carry. Let’s drop them off. Declutter your mind. Throw out those things that do not bring you love, joy, and peace. Imagine how lighter you would feel!

And of course, what you learn from donating your old stuff is to appreciate where you are in life. There are much worse case scenarios, so be thankful.

Photo Credit: NotSalmon.com

I hope your weekend has been good. I wish you a better week ahead!



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