Is it just me or are the days passing by really fast? 😄 We have 18 days left on the 29 Things to do in 29 Days challenge! 🕺💃

Today’s Challenge: Watch the Sunrise and Sunset on the Same day

I love watching sunrises and sunsets. I love looking at the moon as it ‘grows’ from a crescent, to a full moon. I love watching birds fly in the sky as though they’re trying to race each other. I love looking at plants as they go through the motions of life —losing dead leaves to give room for new growth. I believe God speaks to us through nature. He reminds us of His love, care and creativity.

Something about this tree has been giving me so much joy! It’s still so beautiful as it goes through changes.

So yes! Today’s challenge was really fun for me. Although it meant I had to wake up early to find the window where the sun was rising from.😅 And I also had to be conscious not to miss the moment it was setting in the evening.

Sunrise this morning ☀️

We all have these pockets of moments loaded in each day. Do you ever stop to look in awe at how wide the sky is? Do you find yourself admiring nature in all its majesty? There’s just so much around us to keep us excited about life! But here’s the catch, our circumstances can often keep us blindsided. You have to make a conscious effort to pause and wonder. To look up at the stars and go ‘Wow!’ To breathe in the cool after-rain air and just say, ‘Thank you, Lord!’

Sunset this evening 🌅

There’s a lot to be grateful for. And there are so many awe-inspiring moments we must acknowledge every day. Let’s live more consciously, enjoying every bit of the life God has blessed us with.

God is the most beautiful, and beauty is the expression of God. If you can’t appreciate beauty in the world how can you understand God?

Amit Ray

I challenge you to take a walk and identify 4 different colors in nature.



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