Hello! Welcome to another episode of the 29 Things to do Challenge!

Today’s Challenge: Declutter phone memory

So, I got up today thinking this challenge would be easy peasy. I have tons of photos on my phone memory and have been procrastinating on when to declutter. I rolled up my sleeves, ready to regain my storage space!


It took me an entire day to get from 57k photos to 45k! 😩

You may be wondering how I got here. Haha! Simple! I love taking photos. Unfortunately, I do that thing where you take 100 clicks of the same object/outfit… and then I don’t go back to clean up the unused files. Boy! How they’ve piled up!


This is how it is with our minds sometimes. We continue storing memories and sad feelings that no longer serve us. Please take some time to declutter. Take out the hate, the pain, the shame, the guilt, the negative words spoken to you that you still hold onto, the feelings of not being good enough…. Remove everything that makes you feel heavy.

Decluttering is a useful practice for our homes, phones, minds and everything else. You’ll feel a lot lighter when you let go of stuff. You can’t keep carrying all these things from year to year. Let it go.

Sending you love and light as you begin the journey of decluttering your mind and physical space!


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