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Today’s Challenge: Help Someone

I wasn’t sure what challenge I was going to try today. I had a bunch of ideas, but hadn’t decided. But lately, I’m learning to go with the flow of life, and just enjoy each moment as it comes. Imagine my relief when my sister asked me to help her loosen her hair. I was happy to do so (partly because I enjoy hairstyling). I didn’t even understand the impact my assistance had on her until she hugged me and thanked me again. She noted how she was having a stressful day and wondered how she’d take her braids off. I felt so honored to have had that effect. It felt like such a little thing to have done.

And that’s the thing about helping people. To you, it may be such a tiny thing, but to the person, it might mean the world. I included this prompt to make us more deliberate about helping others. When we do this, we shift the focus from our problems to helping solve someone else’s problems. This gives us the right perspective of gratitude and a new capacity to better deal with our own issues. And hey, helping is like sowing seeds… you will surely reap help someday when you need it too!

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

Mandy Hale

When last did you help someone?



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