Bienvenue! Welcome back to my blog! Here’s what you’ve missed so far!

Today’s Challenge: Chat in a Foreign Language with a friend who understands the language.

Okay, when I had this prompt on, I thought I’d definitely be speaking French! I mean, most of my friends know I’m intrigued by the French language and culture. But for the sake of expanding my horizons, I took a different turn.

So I found myself chatting in Italian (thanks to Google translator) with a European friend. We chatted a bit about the movie from the other day’s challenge. I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed that movie. And it probably made Italians even more endearing. Haha!

Also, I picked up a little bit of Italian. And I couldn’t help noticing similarities between Italian and Spanish (am I the only one who thinks they’re similar?) Learning foreign languages can be pretty daunting, but so exciting at the same time! Definitely adding Italian to the list of languages I want to be fluent in.

I’ve learned that, at certain points, even if we’re of such different cultures, we can think alike, and understand each other easier than we may expect.

Tamuna Tsertsvadze

So yeah, that’s pretty much it! Grazie!

Have a lovely week ahead!



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