Today’s Challenge: Visit the Dentist

Many of us dread visiting dentists. We probably only visit when we have actual tooth aches or really severe oral health challenges. As a transitioning millennial, I’m learning that taking responsibility also means doing regular check ups and taking preventive measures.

Put simply, you’re more intentional about your overall health. Just like we take our cars for maintenance checks, we have to take every part of body for such regular visits. As a rule of thumb, visits to the dentist should be at least twice a year!

For this challenge, I got to see my dentist after procrastinating for so long. (I haven’t been there since the pandemic). I think an essential part of the 29 Things to do Challenge is breaking out of the fear that gripped many of us when the pandemic first hit. I know it may be hard for some to believe, but for some of us, home is the safest place to be. So having some of these challenges take me out of my home is pretty exhilarating!

As I watched the nurse prep for my check in, I wondered why dentists use all these sharp tools when dealing with such a delicate organ such as the mouth. Once the overhead light flashes, it just feels like your life is totally in their hands. Phew. I actually dread visiting the dentist, or any doctor at all. But as I said, the body is given to us as a garden to tend to. We must do all it takes to stay healthy in body, soul and spirit.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

So that’s what I did for the 5th day of the challenge.

When last did you visit any dentist for routine checks?



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