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Hello! Welcome back to my blog. It’s day two of the challenge!

Today’s Challenge: Spend a day without your phone.

When I turned off my phone at midnight, I wasn’t expecting to stay this long without tapping its smooth black screen and well-rounded curves. The first few hours felt like a patient experiencing withdrawal symptoms.

Then I remembered the last time I stayed this long away from my phone was in Covenant University! (Good thing we had friends, lectures, and a full schedule to keep us going.) So I knew what I had to do.

I cracked open my laptop and searched for a new course to take on Alison. What a great day to complete that module on Mental Health Studies. I also went on to do some reading. But it still felt as though the time was standing still. I engaged in some spiritual activities and then tried to will time to move faster with my mind.

When I was about to have lunch, I unconsciously reached out to take a food photo, and then remembered I didn’t have my phone on me. To be honest, this was harder than I expected. Well, like my time in CU, I watched movies (Good thing the challenge was not to stay completely without screens. Phew!)

We live in a world that is constantly shoving information in our faces…the good, the bad, and the anxiety-inducing stuff. I admire people who take breaks from social media and just live. It feels pretty great to just avoid all that clutter and be free to breathe (without any pressure to check my phone for the umpteenth time to see if they had sent a new message). Hey, I’m not gonna tell you it’s easy.

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As a rule, I tend to go on airplane mode a lot because phone calls tend to freak me out the most. But going completely off texting is really hard! Like I said, there are so many advantages to it. You get to spend more quality time with the people you love.

The whole point of going on this challenge is to push against resistance: That thing that makes us think we can never get stuff done (like staying away from our phones). Of course, to do this you need to pick a time when you wouldn’t be having clients trying to contact you. Also, do it at your pace…you could start with a few hours without your phone.

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It is okay to own a technology, what is not okay is to be owned by technology.

 Abhijit Naskar,

Is this a challenge you can see yourself trying?

Join me tomorrow for the next challenge!



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