Happy New Month!

I’m particularly happy because it’s my birth month. (dancing!) As I stared at my screen looking for lists of things to do for the next 365 days before I turn 30, a wild thought flew into my mind. What if we did all 29 things in 29 days before my 29th birthday? I almost fell off my chair in excitement!

I enjoy making lists! I’m the type of girl that would draw up a pros and cons list for every big decision. I also have lists of hairstyles to make, outfits to put on each week etc. I still faintly remember my list of things to do when I was turning 18. Asides from the regular teenage stuff (I watched too many high school movies); I remember trying to challenge myself to visit the cafeteria to get my food by myself. That was a Herculean task for me at the time because I was pretty shy.

As I’ve learnt over the past years, being in your twenties is a time for adventure, for the discovery of self, and the exploration of potentials. We will most likely settle down in our 30s, and probably be with our families for another 30-60 years as God wills. So these right here are your ‘selfish’ years. Your time to date yourself, fall in love with yourself and choose yourself over again before you choose someone else. I heard somewhere that the polite thing to do is to sort out our issues/baggage before inflicting it on someone else. I think that’s great advice! Some of us are guilty of carrying unresolved traumas into new relationships (and we wonder why it still doesn’t work out).

That said, life doesn’t end in your twenties or thirties. As long as there’s still breath in your nostrils, you can change your life and turn towards the path you know God has called you to.

Now, it’s already daring enough to plan a list of things to do, but doing them all in 29 days is causing a lot of adrenaline rush in me. Haha! But hey, I can do all through Christ who strengthens me.

I want to invite you to embark on this journey with me!



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