Welcome back to my blog! We’re getting right to the challenge!

Today’s Challenge: Get new glasses

Yes! So I have been postponing this task for so long. Even after a pair of my old glasses broke, I still procrastinated on getting new ones. So today is that day!

I got up early with the excitement of a new month, my birth month to be precise (Yes, you can now send me your gifts- haha!) I could hear the trees whistling happy tunes as I got my morning coffee. Everything about the day felt different. I guess there’s just something about new beginnings that inspires hope.

As I got to the road, I could see the traffic building up— an excuse to just go home and try another day. But no, this was the day. The start of something new. So I braced myself and went on my journey. In no time, the adrenaline rush of surviving in Lagos kicked in, I was walking faster and my senses were sharper than a tiger in the wild.

I finally got to my destination, but my next concern was finding frames I’d love. You see, whenever I shop, I have a particular thing in mind. I may not be able to describe it or express it properly, but whenever I see it something inside me clicks. Like, Yes! This is the one. (I wonder if you’ve experienced that before).

After a few minutes of scanning, a pair of big bold frames called out to me. Definitely not something I’d have worn in the past, as I’ve always played it safe. But the entire essence of this challenge is to find new ways of living and enjoying life. And I’m pretty excited about my choice!

“Just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zones and soar, all right?”

– Michelle Obama

What are you willing to try this month?



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