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One day you’ll wake up with a smile on your face. Your alarm clock would not disrupt your 7-hour sleep streak and you’ll feel more refreshed than ever. You’ll look at your empty to-do-list, and instead of feeling like an underachiever, you’ll feel hopeful. For in that blank page, you know there are endless possibilities!

But first, you must believe in the magic of new beginnings.

New beginnings are not only significant at the start of the year. They are continuous with us all year round. Every new day, every break of dawn, every moment you make a new decision that could change the course of your life… right there, right now is your new beginning.

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Endings are the preludes of new beginnings. Yet, something about endings create the stage for a colorful mix of emotions: sadness, anxiety, disappointment, excitement, happiness, hope etc. This is normal for every human. Feel your feelings. Understand why you feel this way. And now, for the important part– get a new perspective to welcome your new beginnings.

I’ve experienced many endings and beginnings… sometimes I think I lose sight of beginnings, by spending too much time thinking of what’s gone. We often start wondering if we aren’t deserving of that new, good thing. But we are!

Something always has to end for another to start. Growth isn’t static you know. You’re growing, right here and now. You are deserving of everything good, lovely, of good report, and of all the love you give others.

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As we still bask in the newness of the year, I hope you open up your heart (and eyes) to all the new beginnings happening in your life. You’re set for a miraculous year!



2 thoughts on “Believe in the magic of new beginnings

  1. Love the part about something ending for other things to start. Even our old identities have to die before we can become an improved version of ourselves. Thanks for this post and keep inspiring!


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