Woman. I only started understanding the gravity of that word as I transitioned to a young adult. She embodies what most of us will never fully comprehend. Her strength is subtle, yet evident. She goes through so many changes in all areas of life. She makes nature complete. Without her, there is no continuation of the human race.

Photo Credit: Pexels

I began to understand the ramifications of that word, ‘woman’ when I started working. A woman has more to proof, so to speak. I’m convinced, the woman is living out double curses from the fall in the garden of Eden. Recap: God punished them for disobeying and cursed Adam that he would have to toil before the ground yields for him. And the woman would have pain in bringing forth offsprings. Well, that would be simple if all women had to do was sit down while the men toiled. But that isn’t the case.

Photo Credit: Pexels

With changing times and seasons, the woman now has to help support herself or her family, while still going through the pains associated with bringing forth. From cramps, to hormonal imbalances, childbearing and everything in between. She goes through all of that stuff and still shows up at work to secure the bag. While there, she has to deal with men who forget they’re only the ‘head’ in a marital setting and not in the workplace. She has to deal with guys who would sit down, waiting for her to serve the office snacks because she’s a woman. She has to constantly prove that her brain hasn’t shrunk due to pregnancy. She has to ‘smile’ because frowning makes her look ugly. She has to take care of the field, and take care of the home. Phew!

I once met a bus driver who scolded a lady passenger for interrupting him while he was having an argument with another guy. ‘Don’t talk to me when you can see two men arguing.’ He said. But all she needed was her change. Another experience was with a pot-bellied man who openly expressed how a lady had ‘added so much weight,’ while she was dealing with fibroids.

This isn’t a post against men, or undermining the importance of the roles they play. This isn’t even about equality. It’s rather a post to help us question what we do and why we do them. What right does a guy have to comment on a woman’s changing body? Has he experienced hormonal imbalances or the weird cravings that come with cramps? Why must a man tell a lady to smile and stop ‘squeezing her face’? Do they understand the double burden women carry? Of having to be strong at work, and strong in the family. Heck! If one of the balls she’s juggling should fall, she is considered incomplete: ‘A boss lady without a family. Or a housewife without ambitions.

Photo Credit: Pexels

Woman. I’ve only started uncovering the complexities of this creature. The curiosity, sharp intuition, and tender heart she carries. She’s a vessel of multiplication. A soil where seeds are grown. But here’s the thing, if you keep planting hate and inferiority in her, she will multiply them. However, a wise person knows to plant good seeds in her, so that good may be multiplied.

If you’re a woman, and you’re reading this, I want you to know you’re brave and strong. I see you. To the men, a little more empathy will go a long way.



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