I was trying to board a bus heading to work during the morning rush hours in Lagos. At first, none were going my way. Then when they were, other people would rush in. One particular incident had my frustration brimming to the surface. It was the last seat, and technically it would have been mine, but some dude just rushed in and took it. Now, in Lagos, the violent take it by force. Lol.

I wonder, in a world where it is the survival of the fittest, what happens to the patient dogs? Are they left with the bone because all the meat was already taken?

I was flustered. Unfortunately, I do not know how to express my annoyance whenever I feel it. Besides, the bus drivers or conductors didn’t give care how I felt. In my frustration, I heard the Holy Spirit trying to calm me down. But you know that moment where you’ve already rejected other buses because of terrible seats, and then you get a little pressed for time and somehow still get rejected after choosing to settle? (Read previous post for context) Well, that was me, frustrated and pressed for time.

The issue of urgency:

The urgency of matters can take our focus away from our standards or dreams and cause us to settle. This could be in the area of marriage, jobs, contracts or whatever else it applies to in your life. When you start getting impatient about your biological clock, or your seemingly stunted career growth, or your empty bank account, you may start making some decisions that are show you are settling for less than you’re worth. Don’t get me wrong, we all have to compromise at some point, life is about give and take. But when it’s more ‘take’ than ‘give’, when you’re feeling more drained than fulfilled, you may just find out that you settled for less because you were in a hurry.

The issue of faith:

After being shunned by the bus I thought was my last hope to be on my way to work, I saw another one coming along. However, my feet seemed planted in place and just wouldn’t move. What if there was no seat for me? What if some other better fitted person for the rush swooped in again? Now that’s the point where most of us give up. We’ve faced disappointments over and over again… we’ve been passed on opportunities, we’ve read multiple rejection emails, our exes have moved on from us and are probably married, heck, we know how this goes. What if it’s just not for us? What if we just remain in this familiar situation without risking disappointments again?

It takes renewed faith and trust to move on. To try again. And so I did. Funny how I didn’t get that bus. But another one came along with way better seating (you know how I like comfort 😂) and that’s where I’m writing this piece from!

I still don’t know for sure if the patient dog eats the fattest bone because everyone else ate the meat. But I believe that as we’ve been made very different from one another, there must be some provision on how we’d survive. The snail and cheetah still walk/crawl on the same ground, and as you know, snails haven’t gone extinct because we all stepped on them. They are still there, doing their God-ordained tasks. It doesn’t matter if you’re the snail or the cheetah, we all have our different races to run at our own different timing. Don’t settle for less.

Please remember to drink water and run your race. You’ll do just fine. Scratch that, better than fine!

Let me know what you think is the answer to the question for today! 😁



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