As young adults, we often struggle with questions around purpose. What are we here for? What are we supposed to be doing? Why do we feel a void even when things look good on the outside? Why do we change paths when it just doesn’t feel right? What is it about finding purpose that makes us wake up everyday with body aches and all to keep fighting to stay alive?

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I’ve often wondered what it is I’m here for. Sometimes, I imagine it’s as grandeur as being an Ambassador or Foreign Affairs Minister maybe posted to Greece or Italy. Lol. And other times, it’s as little as sitting in my corner and writing books that would change hearts and minds of people I’ve never even met. Thing is, it’s not always as clear for most of us. We don’t wake up with only an accounting career in mind. If you’re a creative like me, you probably have tons of vocations fighting for light of day… writer/photographer/videographer/poet/fashion designer etc.

Photo Credit: therandomvibez

I was listening to one of my favorite down-to-earth preachers, Priscilla Shirer, and she talked about how whenever it seems God is saying nothing, we need to trust and just do the next thing. I call it the next ‘best’ thing. From her message, the next thing could be as mundane as Rebecca going to fetch water from the well and meeting with Abraham’s servant who was on a mission to bring home a wife for Isaac. It could be as simple as Saul going out to find his father’s donkeys when he met the prophet, Samuel, which led to his ordination as king. It could be as minute as making cake to feed a prophet in a time of famine. Or breaking a bottle of perfume at Jesus’ feet to show your love for him.

Point is, the next best thing may not be grand or highly placed in our minds. But that’s the beauty of it all. God can use anything! He used Moses’s stick to perform miracles. He used a young shepherd boy to bring down a skilled giant. He used an orphan girl who no one knew to become the Queen of an empire.

What do you have in your hands? What can you do? What has your heart been pointing you to?

Just do it. Keep at it.

And I pray and trust that the fulfillment we all search for will be found in following God’s will for our lives.

I hope this blessed you. Let me know in the comments section.



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