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In a world of over 7 billion people, it is so easy to feel alone. To have that sickening feeling in your gut that no one can see you. No one can understand what you’re going through. No one knows what you’ve done. No one cares to listen to what you’re dealing with. It’s easy to be in a room full of people and still feel alone.

Maybe you even live alone, and haven’t formed any close relationships at work or school. Maybe you’ve moved to a new place and the wind of loneliness keeps blowing night after night. Maybe the sickness has gotten more severe, and you’ve got no one to nurse you back to health. Maybe there are nights when your eyes wouldn’t shut themselves long enough for a good sleep. Maybe you’re the over thinker, mulling over every mistake you’ve made in the past.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, I need you to know that you’re not alone.

In this very moment, I see you.

God sees you.

It’s so easy to feel like God is distant, and away tending to more spiritual sons and daughters… but hey, He’s right here looking for you. He knows you. He sees what you’re going through.

I just want to say this to anyone who needs to hear it… you’re not too far gone to be saved. You’re not too bad to be good. You’re not too horrible to be loved. A perfect God sees you and says you’re just what He needs. Why not talk to Him today?

I pray for everyone who is hurting to receive beauty for their ashes; to the cold; I pray for warmth and covering; to the sick, I pray for healing; to the lost I pray you’ll be found; to the insecure, I pray you’ll be reminded of how unique you are. To the grieving, I pray for comfort. In Jesus name, amen.



5 thoughts on “You’re not alone

  1. This is a beautiful post ♥

    You’re right. Even in a room full of people you can feel alone. Maybe you live alone, maybe you don’t, you can still feel loneliness, still be painfully aware of how alone you feel. Even when we know how many billions of people are on the planet, we can feel we’re living without support or without others ‘getting’ us. It’s heartbreaking so many feel alone, but we feel alone together. We aren’t as alone as we may feel.

    Love this 🤗

    Caz xx

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