Still on writing on the fly, I’m developing a short story (which I’ve broken into different parts). Do join me everyday as the story unravels. Feel free to share your thoughts on how you think it should go. Ciao!

Part I

Sometimes in life, a sudden situation, a moment in time, alters your whole life, forever changes the road ahead. – Ahmad Ardalan.

Jessica rubbed her hands around the circumference of her belly. It was the size of a football. She hated how she looked, and how she felt. She hated her body for betraying her. She shut her eyes as her mind drifted to where it all began.

Photo Credit: Pexels

It was a Wednesday night when the first searing pain hit her world. She knew it wasn’t monthly cramps- she never had those painful kinds. As the pain rocked her body, she crouched out of bed and into the kitchen to eat a slice of watermelon. She believed it was her bowel movements misbehaving. Hours later and the pain got severe. She quickly called her partner of 7 years to take her to the hospital.

For the first time in her life, Jessica knew what an ultrasound scan looked liked. This wasn’t the happy kind where you hear the thumping heartbeat of an unborn baby. No. This was the kind where she was told the words “You’ve got multiple fibroids. One as large as an orange.”

Still frozen from the shock, as the gynecologist kept pouring more ice water with phrases like ‘Are you married?’ ‘You really should consider having kids soon.’ She sighed as she looked at George who was pacing outside the Doctor’s office. A part of her worried for him. Would he be ready to get married?

Jessica finally emerged from the Doctor’s office with prescriptions written for painkillers.

“Babe, are you okay? What did they say?” George ran towards her.

She fought the tears that were melting her face. “That I have fibroids. Not one. But multiple!” She broke down in tears.

Being the spiritual man George was, he started rebuking and binding them. “It’s not your portion in Jesus name! Please don’t cry. We reverse this in Jesus name. Amen.” He was uttering some more prayers.

Jessica felt betrayed by God. She was an unmarried virgin with fibroids she didn’t deserve. ‘What the hell, God?’ She found her mind asking. ‘Why me?’ She cried out with her eyes peeled to the ceiling as though waiting for a response.

DaintyM, 2021.

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