I hope your 2021 hasn’t been feeling like a version 2 of 2020? Who am I kidding, it sorta feels like it. Only this time, we’re more equipped to face it! (Fingers crossed)

I thought about starting a writing challenge this month, but then I remembered how awful I felt when I couldn’t complete the last one. That was until I stumbled on the quote; “No amount of guilt will solve the past and no amount of anxiety will change the future.”

Something I have been very conscious about is ‘living in the moment’. I’ve often said that no one is guaranteed tomorrow, yet somehow we fantasize about it without seizing the day we’ve already been given. I know some of us dread the idea of death, but it’s as inevitable as the sun and moon, day and night. It’s a part of life.

Question is are you living in a way that you’ll have no regrets if you were not here tomorrow?

Not only is that a spiritual question, but also a physical one. Are you showing love to those around you? Are you present in your conversations with friends? Are you letting the fear of failure stop you from attempting anything exciting? Are you crippled by negative what-ifs that you don’t even see the possibilities? Are you set on where you would end after this life? (For those who are in doubt of heaven and Hell, you may wanna use Pascal’s Wager).

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. But today is.

So what are you doing with it?

Live in the moment!



5 thoughts on “Writing On The Fly

  1. So apparently, I really really needed to hear this “…no amount of anxiety will change the future.” Love you momma xx


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