I’ve loved seeing plants around for as long as I can remember. I have deep appreciation for nature. Just seeing a green leaf is a sign of life… so here’s the story behind my new obsession with plants.

I saw the movie 28 Days, you know the one with Sandra Bullock. Anyhoo it was about recovering addicts and life without substance abuse. There was this line that spoke to how you would know you’re ready for a relationship; first you get a plant and take care of it for one year. Then you adopt a pet, and if at the second year, both the plant and animal are alive, then you’re ready!

Haha! It’s quite silly, I know. I decided to try it out as a challenge on commitment… to see how committed I can be on things I set my mind on. So, I took that leap and got myself a houseplant, and began to learn some things that I’d be sharing with you (get your notepad and pen ready).

A. Sometimes growth is not seen! A couple of months back, I got new baby plants from a friend and I was complaining to her about how they were not growing. I couldn’t tell if they needed more water or more sunlight… they were literally just sitting on my window pane while my mind kept spinning in circles wondering what more I could do for them. (Clearly, I need to relax!) Growth tends to happen underground with plants, and after a while… boom! You just see it! The flowers as they bloom, the roots as they shoot out, the new leaves as they replace the old. But before all that manifestation comes, you’ve gotta trust that growth is happening even when you can’t see it.

Same with your life. I know 2020 has been a hard year for almost all of us. Personally, I’ve experienced more changes than I thought I could handle. To be honest, I don’t see the growth in my life as I would like to, but I know I’m growing. This leads me to the next point.

B. Patience! Give it time. In a fast paced world where everything is gotten instantly, I often struggle with the idea of giving things time. If it doesn’t work out at my first try, I’m most likely to drop it and move on. But plants have taught me that you can’t drop one plant because you couldn’t wait for it to grow and then get another one. All of them require time. It’s the journey that changes you. The waiting for whatever we’re waiting for. And that final smile when it comes.

C. Don’t take life too seriously. Plants are here today and gone tomorrow, the Bible has said that. This concept helps me appreciate life. While we might tend to see life as really long and stressful, news of deaths around us are good reminders that time can run out for any of us at any point.

So don’t take life too seriously, because no one is getting out of it alive. Enjoy your walks in nature, enjoy your kids’ laughter as you tickle them, enjoy the warmth of friendship and family. Because in the end, man withereth and is no more. 

D. It’s about the journey, not the destination. I’m yet to see my orchids bloom again, but everyday I see the plant standing I’m grateful. Grateful that my efforts aren’t in vain. Grateful for life! You know, as much as we try, we can’t give life, only God does. And even when he chooses to take life away, it’s still for our good (better said than felt in that situation).

The everyday journey of trusting and hoping that the plants are alive and fairing well is it for me. And this applies to whatever you’re trying to commit yourself to. It may not be perfect, but at least it’s still there. For that you should be grateful.

Well that’s it for my plant journey! I’ve started nursing ideas of having a puppy (even though their barks still scare me). But hey! Let’s see how that goes. 😄

Till next time! Remember to let the light in!



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