Hello guys!

Quick confession: so I challenged myself to write consistently for 30 days. But when I got home from work on Nov 2nd, weak and tired, I knew there was no way I was gonna pull it off. I couldn’t create in a state of fatigue. And then I started feeling bad for letting my blog, my readers and myself down. 😌😌

But hey, it’s day 4 today, and who says I can’t pick up from where I stopped? It so happens that today’s prompt is dear to my heart. I hope you enjoy some of the poems and musings I’ve got right here!

Ps: hope your November has started off well? 🌱🌱🌹🌹

Day 2: Burning on both ends

Charred hearts,

Of what once were,

Happy red hearts,

Burnt by desire, a love now lost.

It ignited so fast!

Burning all those who came in contact with it,

It devoured two hearts,

Too stubborn to let go,

Missed destinies and misplaced priorities,

Consumed by thoughts of perfection

In a world of imperfection.

Charred hearts,

Once golden and bright,

As love’s flames were fanned by poets,

Hearts delighted,

Now black with loathe

How quickly love turns into hate!

Cheerful sorrow, crying crystal tears,

They say to meet is to part,

Part they did,

Burnt by the inferno of love

And now all they’re left with are charred hearts…

A shadow of what once was.


Day 3: Under a tall tree

We met at our special spot, under the tall palm tree two blocks from home. I remember the excitement you had in your eyes when you saw me. For a second, I thought my heart would jump out of my brown long sleeved shirt. You were excited to tell me you had gotten your admission to school. I really wanted to be happy for you… but deep down I found myself asking God, ‘Why not me?’

“It’s not fair!” I thought. Wasn’t I His child? Didn’t I pray enough? Are there Christians who are more Christian than others? Are there ranks on the prayer altar?

As I sat there while you left to attend to your mother’s call, I felt like Jonah after he had told the people of Nineveh to repent. What’s in it for the good guys? What do the well behaved derive after years of abstinence?

The sun peered through the leaves, as a quick reminder dropped in my heart that God loves both the good and bad people alike. The same rain falls on them both, the same sun shines on all. Every bad person is just a repentance away from being made right with God. And for the good, there’s no where else to go than forward. I had to learn to rejoice with others even when I felt it wasn’t fair. Sometimes life isn’t fair, but in the end, God doesn’t mete out to us what we deserve. He’s kind and just. ❤️


Day 4: A better place

They say you’re gone to a better place,

But all I can see is this empty space.

They say time heals all wounds,

But these tears keep overflowing their bounds.

Maybe a better place is not so far away,

Maybe it’s right here where I stay,

I carry you with me, right there in my heart.

I know time heals,

But today I’m in my feels,

And that’s okay.


Love, M.💕

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