Photo Credit: Pexels

The aches and groans of the living,

Like the creaking sound of a rusty gate,

Or the cracking of joints,

I’m bent out of shape,


Like the weight of the world rests on my shoulders,

Or a heavy foot has been placed upon my back;

Either way, it weighs tons,

It tears me down.

The only time I find ease to the suffering of living is when my eyes are shut,

In that moment I believe the world is asleep,

Even the demons stop waging wars in my mind,

All is well with the world,

Only at night when I sleep.

Now I look forward to bedtime,

To the turning off of lights,

The silence from beeping phones as screen lights go dim,

The stillness that borders between life and death.

I wonder if the dead would sigh as much as I do these days.

It’s just another day for me.


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