Today I’m missing that part of me that’s more hopeful and childlike. The part of me that still believes there’s more to life, than mere existence. More to impact, than just the accumulation of material gains.

Photo Credit: Pexels

We live in a society where the rite of passage to adulthood includes bagging a degree or more, getting a good job, getting married, and even having kids! It’s like you’re not an adult if you’ve not crossed off one or all of these. And hey, these are not bad! But what I would like to bring to your consciousness is that tiny part of you that longs for something more. That part of you that you may be missing, even without knowing.

None of those things I mentioned earlier are an end in themselves, they’re all means to an end. So what is your end? This goes beyond climbing corporate ladders or trying to impress people around you, this talks about impact! Everyone of us has that tiny thing in us that screams ‘there is more!’

More to life and the way we’ve always known it. More to living than just doing what we’re ‘supposed to’. We live in a great big world, and finding out the role you play is an adventure! So go for it! Make your mistakes. Find uncharted paths and fulfill all the potentials in you.

So for today, I’m missing that part of me that knows there is more to life, and has the courage to pursue it. I hope tomorrow, I find her again within me.



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