So this is one of those topics that leaves you spinning out of control. Like, what do I talk about? Stuff like the chicken or the egg? What must come first? 🤔


Well, what must come first, I’d say NOTHING.

If we look back at the creation story in the book of Genesis, we’d find how the earth was void, dark, and without form. Basically, full of nothingness. Then creation began with all the ‘let there be’s and there was.

Sometimes, ‘nothing’ must come first so we can birth something. Take a look at entrepreneurs, most of them exist to solve a problem, to create something where nothing was or to improve upon what is. Think about a time when we didn’t have phones… or when there was no electricity. Nothingness makes room for creativity to thrive.

I hope that somehow this all makes sense. Frankly, it’s one of those write ups that you can see in your head, but transferring it to paper becomes a little difficult. 🙈

Hopefully tomorrow’s post will be better! 😄



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