I just got notified that my last post was the 500th post on the blog. Been actively writing here for 6 years, and it’s all a proof of God’s faithfulness! Thanks for sharing in my journey. I’ve very much enjoyed blogging here. To celebrate, I’ve decided to share a personal piece on living in the now. Hope you find it helpful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I always felt a tad uncomfortable when people said ‘all you have is the present’, because somehow I still found myself in the ‘tomorrow’. So that made me worry more and have bouts of anxiety everyday. On one hand, I had made peace with not having to face a tomorrow, but on the other hand I kinda knew the future will still come nonetheless and I was anxious about facing it.

I’m only beginning to appreciate that tomorrow isn’t a given, as I always thought it to be. While many wish tomorrow would not come, some others are so sure of a tomorrow that they face the shock of their lives ending today. And there are a few others who understand today is a gift and tomorrow is a blessing we are privileged to have. All we really have is now. Not the next day, or the next year. Just now.

Thanks to the new realities this year brought with it, I’ve learned how to practice mindfulness. When I go out for my brisk morning walks, I forget about the tens of Kilograms I’m trying to lose and l rather get swayed by the birds flying so effortlessly in the sky. How do they do that? I see the clouds in the morning, a mixture of blue, white and grey colors. I notice the greenness of leaves, and also the brownness of some which fall to the ground.

In that moment, I am very present. I’m conscious of all the beautiful things surrounding me, and I’m thankful. Simply thankful for having eyes to see, skin to feel, ears to hear, and a heart to love.

We tend to miss the simple things in life when we’re bothered about more complex stuff like how to make moves in our career, how to further our education with limited resources, how to find our soulmates, how to make more money etc. all these are very important, and necessary to think about. But don’t allow it steal the simplicity of living in the present.

I once encountered a love I was afraid to try because the future looked impossible to have. But one morning I woke up with the realization that all I had was now. I was gonna love them anyway without overthinking it. I was gonna do my best in that moment, and just be present regardless of what I would face if tomorrow came.

The girl whom God loves ❤️

I was gonna live life without the fear of growing up and the responsibilities that come with it. I was gonna just live. You know, simply, taking one step and then another in the sands of time.

I believe that one day when we look back, we‘ll find that all those simple steps in confident trust led us to become all we were anxious about becoming.💕

All we have is now. How are you living?

Lots of love,


9 thoughts on “All we have is now #501

  1. Wooop that’s a lot of posts, congratulations! You should be very proud of every single one of ’em. As for living in the present, I’ve found that particularly difficult too. I’d say it’s a continual work in progress 😉
    Caz xx


      1. Bless that smile~ 💝🙈 You are really beautiful guuuurl!! I loved the colours on the outfit so much as well!🙈🥰


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