Hi everyone!

Today is the 16th day of the 31-day-challenge! Thank God we’ve come this far! It’s really taken some brainwork to know what to write for some of these prompts. And most times, I write just a few minutes before publishing.

Anyhoo, today’s challenge is on universal meaning, and I was the definition of stuck. I looked up the phrase in the dictionary and it refers to a universal experience, something applicable to everyone. And while my friends in the sciences may have many universal laws to select from, I’m just gonna write what came to my heart.

Love. I believe that love is an experience that happens to everyone no matter which part of the world you are from. You can find love when you’re old, when you’re young, and even as a baby in the arms of a mother. Love is not limited by social status, geography, race, religion, or anything else. The world rotates around love.

If anyone reading this has yet to experience any form of love, whether from parents, friends, lovers, neighbors or anyone else, then you may disprove my theory on love having a universal meaning.

Again, I dare say humanity thrives on love.

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow!


M. ❤️

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