The day dawned with faint lights streaming through Martha’s windows. She lay still on the bed, only breathing while her mind was in a million places. It was Friday, but she couldn’t pull herself to say ‘TGIF’. One of her million thoughts drifted to the preacher’s message on giving thanks in all circumstances because it is God’s will. She shook her head. No way was this God’s will for her.

She heaved a sigh as she sat up to see the blinding light in her window. It was a new day, but it did not feel like it. Her back ached as though she had been carrying boulders the night before. Sure, her mind had been lifting up weights like a bulldozer. For most of her life, Martha wished she could escape her reality. Now she desperately wished she could escape her mind. If only there was a way to numb all the pain. -Excerpts from a book I’m yet to write. Hope you enjoyed it! ☺️

It’s day 12! Thanks for all the support. We’ve got some 19 more to go! 💃🏽

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