Hi everyone!

Thanks for following the writing challenge so far! It’s day 6! And while I’ve felt like giving up, I know I’ve gotta do this. Are you with me? 😀 Let’s roll!

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I believe one of the unspoken laws we have in our universe is that of mutual respect. Everyone is worthy of respect.

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I remember how my Media Ethics professor in grad school always spoke about the dignity of the human person. We have dignity just for being human, and that applies to babies too. So if we all have dignity, we must respect the dignity of the next person.

I believe the concept of mutual respect, or rather, a lack of it is what causes the social issues we have now of racism, sexism, ageism and all the other ‘-isms’ of social injustice. It’s that entitlement of one man dominating another, whilst forgetting that all humans are born with dignity no matter where or how they are born. Our judgements get clouded by our statuses and other strappings of life, which cause us to see ourselves as better than the next person.

Sometimes we forget that beyond the strappings of this world, we are at our very core naked, vulnerable and very human (have you seen the body of a rich person at a morgue?). All we’re really left with is that dignity of the human person. That dignity is what makes us shiver when we see any dead person on the street, (while we may not have same reaction for a dead rat). Rich or poor, black or white, woman or man, we all have dignity and must respect that of the next person. This is an unspoken law.

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