Here’s your mistake,

You spend your life pursuing people who don’t even see your worth;

You give them the excuse to treat you miserably,

Because at least, they’re giving you their attention in that moment.

Your mistake, darling,

Is when you too start seeing yourself through their eyes;

Nuisance. Worthless. Piece of shit.

And you believe the lies

That no one will love you the way you want to and deserve to be loved.

Oh but darling!

If you could just pause for a moment,

And see what rich addition you are to their lives,

How much beauty, vibrancy and life flows from just being around you.

Then you would truly see,

That today, tomorrow and even forever,

You deserve the best love ever.

Besides, you were worth dying for!

Ain’t nobody allowed to treat you like a piece of shit.

You’re a child of the king.

-m.e. 2020

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