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Like a garden with fresh flowers,

Her mind bloomed in the spring,

It brought happiness to all who stopped by,

To glean of her youth and wisdom.

Indeed, she was was a sight for sore eyes,

And a soothing voice for broken hearts.

Suddenly! Winter came,

Cold winds slashed through her colorful flowers,

Tearing down all that held joy and laughter in her,

And when it was over, she was a gory sight to behold.

Her mind, her beautiful mind,

Had turned into this thick wilderness,

With only sad sour tastes to offer those who dared stop by.

Her mind stretched out long branches,

To protect what was once a beautiful garden.

Ensnared, she was caught up

In the tangling thoughts,

Cynical meditations,

Pessimistic desires.

Summer, spring, autumn all came and left.

She was lost in her own consciousness,

Lost in between what was real and what wasn’t.

She hoped for the sun to bring back her blossoming flowers,

To restore her mind, which was once a beautiful garden.

But relentless,

Her fearful thoughts shut the sun out,

Too afraid of love, joy, happiness that would be short lived.

And in her own protection,

Her beautiful mind was damned.


8 thoughts on “Garden of the Mind

  1. There’s hope! The rain of God’s word can bring her mind back to life n make her look better than before (Job 14:7)


  2. Wow, this poem is so raw and beautiful…even through some of the ugly imagery. And it’s a hard truth that a lot of times in fear we shut out the love and joy God wants to give us. We put up the branches that end up choking the life out of us.


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