Hey guys!

More than ever before, I feel like my emotions have been on a rollercoaster. One moment I’m happy and hopeful, the next I’m flat on my back on the floor imagining the Grim reaper’s visit. Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but you get the picture. Lol.

I woke up today, trying to command the forces to help me get out of bed and get through the day. I did! I even wore some really nice flowery culottes I had DIYed the other day. Two hours down the work time and I felt deflated. All the positivity had gone. I crossed panic lines as though the lines didn’t even exist.

The freak out began. An anxiety showdown about my job. About life as we know it. About the pandemic. About everything. And this happened in a matter of seconds! Next thing, I found myself returning to my sweatpants and sitting in front of my computer blankly staring, and semi wishing this was just a bad dream. But it isn’t. This is our reality.

So how does one stay positive in these times? I’ve tried to listen to a couple of podcasts, especially when I don’t feel up for reading. This kinda helps. Especially if the subject is on something that boosts your faith and hope. I also think avoiding the playlist of sad songs may help… to be honest, this is difficult for me as I really like those slow sad songs. Speaking to friends also helps me get a lil positive. Avoiding the news can also help secure your mental health, but then again, you need to stay informed.

So now I’m more about finding out other ways you guys have been able to pull through the hopeless feeling that the days bring. How does one get through the quarantine blues?

Please share in the comments section. Thanks!



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