Hi guys!

So you know how in most apocalyptic movies, there are people who are fit for survival and well those who aren’t. In this battle against covid-19, the introverts seem to be the ones with the survival skills of social distancing to avoid the virus. Does this mean only extroverts will be caught by the zombies as in the movies? Well, not really…

Here are some helpful things to do while practicing social distancing or self isolation:

1. Find a new skill: this could be your ability to make videos of yourself, or write a complete chapter of a book you’ve always wanted, or even dust off your songwriting skills and write some lyrics. And for those who don’t even know what they can do, find it!

2. Dabble with recipes: get more comfortable with the kitchen. When last did you use the oven? Your kitchen has missed you! Go on! Bake something… could just be bread! Dabble with

recipes and make yourself some nice meal to nibble on.

3. Be your own entertainment: I’ve learnt this skill from my kids (well, technically my sister’s kids). This girl would be all by herself playing or just singing and smiling. It’s like she’s not dependent on anyone to generate that level of happiness in her… she’s her own entertainment. Find how to entertain yourself, don’t wait for the world to make you happy.

4. Read that book: you know that book you started years ago? Well, try to finish it. I also find going through travel or fashion magazines interesting- they could even spark your creativity.

5. Be creative: it’s in times like this I make goofy lip sync videos, or Pick Me Up notes, or new dance steps (yes, I can dance. Ask my mirror.) Be creative with your parenting, with your job, with your garden, with your home, with your wardrobe etc. Your mind is open at this time, so make the most of it.

Finally people, stick your nose in your cuppa tea, mind your business, stay hydrated, try not to drunk text you-know-who, and most importantly, find the real you. This is the time to discover who you are at your very core before all the strappings. Be unapologetically you. And most important of all, stay safe!



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