I wander.

Lost, and angry,

Bland, emotionally,

Head gone,

Dead, Long gone,

Fears, all gone,

Shredded. Torn.

I wander.

I Laugh, but low-key,

Sadness envelopes me.

I Heard one,

Dare another one,

Fair and alone,

Subconscious dead. Long gone.

I wander.


Far from home.

Home. Mind. Now, a hole.

A gaping hole.


I wander.

Written by Kelvinmary.

Do you ever feel so lost? Like what once gave your life meaning is missing, and you’re left to find yourself with a broken compass? Do you feel mentally and emotionally drained? Like perhaps, you’ve got nothing to offer the world. And probably, they wouldn’t miss you when you’re gone… Share your story with us on contact@daintym.com



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