How did you spend your Christmas? Mine was spent at church, then later with family over a dinner table. Not particularly the way I had dreamt it would be, á la Hallmark movies. Where I would have been off work in the city and somewhere in my country home riding on a crisp white horse with my knight in shining armor (literally!) Having snowball fights (it doesn’t even snow in my country), listening to carolers (nope! Just church choirs), talking about fond childhood memories, and enjoying the magic of Christmas! I guess that’s only in my dreams (and Hallmark, of course!)

No matter how you spent your Christmas, I hope you got to reflect on the birth of Jesus Christ and the hope and joy this brought to the world. Whatever season you’re in right now, I want you to know you’re not in it alone, He’s right there with you. Today is the 22nd day of the 26-day Think-Thank Challenge! 5 days to go!!! (Also means 5days before the end of the year, can you believe it?! 🤗

Let’s get to it!

My Thanksgiving List for Letter U

  • I’m thankful for the UNDERSTANDING He gave me in the course of the year.
  • I’m thankful for His UNLIMITED provisions this year.
  • I’m thankful for His UNCONDITIONAL love.
  • I’m thankful for hope and peace in the presence of UNCERTAINTIES.
  • I’m thankful for the UNKNOWNS that got clearer as the year panned out.
  • I’m thankful for the period of UNEMPLOYMENT and the resultant increases I had from it.
Merry Christmas DaintyM Readers!

Christmas is all about magical moments. But sometimes, we have to create the magic in our moments. -DaintyM


M. ❤️

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