Well, hello there!!!

Guess what? It’s Day 5 of the 2019 Think-Thank Challenge!!! Is it just me, or are the days flying by so fast??

So hey, If you’re just joining us, the TTC is a fun way of giving thanks using an A-Z thanksgiving list format. Started on the 6th and will last till the 31st of December.

Perspective is everything when it comes to giving thanks. You either see the glass as half full or half empty. I won’t sit here and pretend it’s not ‘normal’ to be overwhelmed by sadness and hopelessness. It is. But in spite of it all, there’s always something to be thankful for. Maybe it’s that person who never left your side, or the money you found in your jean pocket when you were broke, or the stranger that made you smile, or even that person who paid your bus fare. Whatever it is, however trivial it may sound, you need to pen it down and remain thankful for it. All you have to do is hop over to the blog everyday and drop the 5 items you’re thankful for using the letter of the day.

Thanks for being a part of this!

My Thanksgiving List for Letter E

  • I’m thankful for my sister EDDY, she has such a pure soul and she’s always happy to help.
  • I’m thankful for the ability to EAT. Imagine what life would be like if we couldn’t eat at all! (How else would I eat away my feelings?) 🤷🏽‍♀️
  • I’m thankful for the EARTH, yeah we’ve been hearing of climate change and all, but somehow God has still kept us, and the earth still rotates ‘normally’.
  • I’m thankful for EXCELLENT leaders, however few they might be.
  • I’m thankful for EGGS, they always give a facelift to my bread meals. Ohh and eggsauce is the best!
  • I’m thankful for ELEPHANTS, though I still haven’t gotten in close contact with one. By God’s grace we will take a tour to see them soon.
  • I’m thankful for ELECTRICITY, let’s just say things could be worse, but God!
  • I’m thankful for ETERNITY, it’s the hope we hold onto in trying times.
  • I’m thankful for seeing EYES and hearing EARs.

So what are you thankful for? Let’s hear them!

5 down, 21 to go!! Yippee!!!

When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup.- Sam Lefkowitz



8 thoughts on “Day 5 – TTC 2019

  1. Everything 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    It’s all connected
    The Electricity, fleeting as it had been made me read more books
    Elevators which didn’t work because Electricity made me Exercise and now I have way more Energy….



  2. 1.Im thankful for Electricity, it helps alot in reducing stressful tasks.
    2. Im thankful for Encouraging words from the Bible and Dainty M
    3. Im thankful for something called Emotional intelligence, makes me weigh situations well before reacting.
    4. Im thankful for the Nigerian Economy, im sure it will keep thriving.
    5. Im thankful for Eggs and the nutrients they nourish the body with


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