Hey guys!

So today I woke up to a notification from WordPress telling me ‘Happy Anniversary’. Turns out it’s been 7 years blogging here! At first I was like ‘whaaattt?!’

I couldn’t recall blogging for that long! Then I remembered I was in my 3rd year of my undergraduate studies when I created the blog. I was in the writing subgroup of an Entrepreneurial Development ‘Something’ course. It was called EDS and now I’m not certain what the ‘S’ stood for. Lol.


Time flies!

I remember avoiding all the other groups because I wasn’t big on entrepreneurship (still struggle with the concept of being one). But I picked writing because it was natural for me. Heck! I’d pick writing in a thousand lifetimes!

Writing has been my mode of expression for as long as I can remember. It’s the pathway to my soul. Whatever I couldn’t express orally, I’d always express in writing. I probably still love texting more than phone calls because it allows me express myself truly.

I want to say a huge thank you to my followers and consistent readers. Although I’ve only been seriously blogging for 5 years (2 years after I created the blog), I’ve met loads of new people through this! Thanks for sticking through my happy, sad, adventurous, and sometimes really random posts (like this one).

If you’re just visiting the blog for the first time, I hope you find something you like!

I’m grateful to God for the gift of writing. It really has paved ways for me beyond my imagination! (Provs 22:29)

Happy Blog Anniversary to us!!!!

Ps: here’s a link to one of my first posts from 5 years back. It’s hilarious! Started from the bottom and now we’re here! 😂

Lots of love,

M. ❤️

12 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary

  1. Wooow, that’s an amazing milestone! Happy Blogiversary!!
    I think you should be really proud for keeping going and for what you’re achieving on here. Here’s to more happy blogging! 😊
    Caz xx


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