Tap. Tap. Taptaptaptapratatatatap. The rain collided with the iron roof of my building. I knew what it meant: Floods on the road, standstill traffic, pedestrians getting soaked—the evil trio.

I wasn’t wrong. I stepped out after an hour of patiently waiting for the rain to subside. I mean, what kind of rain begins just before closing time. Sighs. I tried not to be anxious about the traffic on the road.

Until it took a while to get a keke out of Victoria Island. And not only did he charge me extra, but he also dropped me off in time to meet a queue almost as long as the breadth of the Tafawa Balewa Square.

The rainy season tends to come with waves upon waves of gloominess. First, it hides the sun in its ever grey clouds. Then everything around is made so wet and dirty in some cases. Our emotions sometimes mirror our environment. For instance, you’d see lots of muddy puddles and get irritated by the slab of mud on your shoes. Or maybe you’d be watching the rain drops on your window, and your mind would take you to sad memories with sad music playing in the background.

We tend to feel the blues in the rainy season (as well as other times). So what do we do? Soak ourselves in the gloom and all shades of grey? Or do we light a fire in our hearts to keep our spirits and souls warm despite the coldness around us? The latter is what I’m here to share with you.

It’s okay to feel sad sometimes, but we can’t make this our default mode. ‘Rejoice! Again I say rejoice!’ (Phil 4:4). Is that going to be easy? No. But there’s a reason why we must do it.

Thing is, when we get carried away by the torrents of life, and we feel the blues, we also feel heaviness. We feel weak and unmotivated to do anything productive. But the joy of the Lord is our strength! That joy sets our hearts on fire. It reminds us that we can get through whatever it is we’re going through. We’ve been through dark patches in the past, and this isn’t any different. Though it may seem overwhelming like the rain storms at night, we are rest assured that the One who made the storms has us on His mind 24/7.

So dear one, don’t allow the rain blues linger. In the darkest storms, cry out for help. And the light will shine forth in your heart.

Have a lovely day!



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