To explore is to discover new places you haven’t been to, new foods you haven’t tried, new people you haven’t fallen for, new languages you haven’t spoken… it opens a whole new world. And that’s why I explore. – Mfon Etuk

It’s easy to get so caught up in our small worlds that only fit in our family, work, and few friends. Sometimes we get so stuck in our local communities because that’s the only place we know and can call home. I challenge you to break out of the rut. To try out new things and explore. I dare you to do it scared. That’s how I do it anyways. Lol.

When exploring food I look out for a few things, starting from the ambiance— is it warm, refreshing, cozy? Or is it just bland? Beyond providing food, you need to create an experience. Make it a place where friends would come to celebrate bridal showers, reunions, birthdays and even proposals. Even if you’re eating alone, an experience that makes you feel at home or at peace is one of the best for me. Of course the food should also be delicious. Top that up with smiling waiters and cheerful chefs and you’ve got a happy place.

In the last couple of months, I’ve visited a few restaurants in Lagos that I’d like to share. Hey, they aren’t arranged in any particular order.

  1. Waves Sports Bar and Lounge, Lekki: this restaurant blew my skirts up by the amazing seaside view. You know I’m big about nature and the outdoors. Having the view of the sunset made the experience even more special for me. Also, being able to share this entire experience with a special person made it even more surreal. The food was yummy! I haven’t tasted crispier chips and spicier wings. My con was the noise disturbing the peace due to some construction works.img_5251
    Construction work was ongoing at the time of visit. Hopefully by now it’s been finished.

    Found this hilarious sign at the restrooms. I think it’s pretty cool!
  2. LaPaz cafe and grill, Ikeja: I stumbled upon this recently opened restaurant on Instagram and I decided to explore it. I had a cup of latte as I sat downstairs admiring the set-up. Downstairs was scantily decorated, but I liked the space. Upstairs had more people, more artwork and lesser space. Lol. The food was exquisite and the cookies were like tasting a slice of heaven. Con for me is the fear that it would soon lose any bit of serenity with the influx of social media influencers.

    Another funny post from one of the restrooms here. The last line hit me hard! LOL
  3. Sweet Kiwi: yes to fro-yo, all day err’day! 😁 Thankfully I had a partner who would always insist on frozen yogurt as our dessert. We tried this flavor called ‘Children of the Forest’ and no, it doesn’t taste as creepy as it sounds 😂 It was actually really good, fruity, and a good shift from the regular butterscotch or original flavors.

Enjoying food is not just about being selfish with food, but about being able to share with others and create memories that would last forever. It’s about being able to step out of your comfort zone. It’s about developing a new appreciation for something as common as food. Every good gift comes from God, including food! ❤️

Ps: you can always find a nice meal on low budget, never let the price scare you from trying out new stuff.

Lots of love,


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