For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to go on a road trip with my friends. It was gonna be a lot like road trips with my family—except that the home-cooked meals would be replaced by Pringles. Finally, in July I was able to get some of my friends onboard with our mini-vacation plans to explore some deeper parts of Lagos (which I coulda sworn was a totally different state). Here’s how the journey went:

The roads were horrible! I could literally feel the bones in my body cracking. Oh and the dust! That was something. And the distance! My God! I never thought Lagos could drag that far. We left around 9 am and got there around 4 pm. Well, of course there were a few stops, and little traffic. Thankfully, we had a quick start with some coffee and doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.🍩☕️

The Whispering Palms resort where we stayed in held some fun memories for me. I had been there in my freshman year at the university and it was exciting to explore again without the watchful eyes of my International Relations lecturer.

So here’s a little secret, this trip was entirely on a tight budget, and we had to strip off some extra luxuries. However, a private tour was still a must have for us! We visited the museums housing stories of how the West invaded Africa and took away our forefathers as slaves. No matter how many times you hear the slavery tales, your heart still breaks at the gross wickedness in the world.

We saw tiny rooms with tiny windows where many slaves were cramped in before being led in chains to the point of no return. Oh and the chains! Harsh metals that greased their brown skins. Fathers, mothers, and children, all were taken in the same inhumane process.

This well held some ‘magic’ water which would make slaves lose memory for about 3 months!

If Jesus could be betrayed by Judas, it’s no surprise that many local leaders also betrayed their followers by giving out slaves in exchange for mirrors, umbrellas and some other weird stuff. It was totally heartbreaking to think of it.

I’m definitely grateful I wasn’t born in that time. And I’m so thankful for freedom. Indeed the price of freedom is always bloodshed. But to bring this point closer home, it’s amazing that we have someone who died for us on the cross to give us freedom. It’s incredible that the hideous chains that held us back in sin have been broken. I’m so thankful for freedom!!! Freedom to live, to talk, to be ourselves, to own our narratives…

First Storey Building in Nigeria!

Tallest Iroko Tree in Nigeria!

The road trip finally came to an end after the most refreshing moments at the seaside resort, the sunny plays by the beach, the enlightening moments in the museums and the bonding experience on the road. I’m thankful for the friends that came onboard.

And I look forward to more exciting adventures to come!



6 thoughts on “Last Rays of Summer

  1. 300 years of slave trade 😮🤐
    Oh well, no wonder James Joyce said, ‘History…is a nightmare from which I’m trying to awake.’

    The same sadness I felt when I visited the Catholic Museum in Bagamoyo, Tanzania 😕😢

    I’m glad your roadtrip went well. And yes, thank God for FREEDOM! In every sense of the word 🙏😊


    1. I love that quote by James Joyce! It’s so sad to imagine how terrible slave trade really was. We can see similar historical stories in other African countries as you’ve mentioned. Thank God for freedom! Thanks for sharing, Blessing 🤗🤗

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  2. History shows no mercy. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! It helps expand my knowledge of the world. It’s like you take us along on your road trip with you ☺️ Great post!


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