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Have you ever been in a waiting room? A place where you cannot do anything and it feels like your whole life comes to a halt— delayed action. You pace back and forth in what feels like a confined space. Your palms become wet as you break into a sweat despite the air conditioning.

Maybe you have had to wait for a delayed flight, or a test result, or an NYSC posting, or a job promotion, or a spouse, or even a baby delivery. Whatever it is, we have all had to wait at some point in life. I guess this is a part of life we can’t run away from.

I remember having to wait for a flight that had been moved from 17:00hrs to an unknown time. With every announcement made, my heart would skip a beat thinking it was for my flight. I paced around, got so angry, took some comfort food, and finally stopped fighting it. All I could do was sit still and wait until they finally called for my flight at 23:00hrs. I still don’t know why I had to experience that delay, but I guess it taught me a bit about patience.

Sometimes you just have to take a cup of iced coffee and trust that everything will work out fine in the end

Waiting is uncomfortable in whatever form it is. It leads to a spiral of emotions. You become anxious about what the results would be. Heck! You even get depressed just thinking about all the worse case scenarios.

How about waiting for God? That’s even a different ball game! Especially since He doesn’t function with our times and seasons—so it’s like, ‘God, I’ve been waiting to have a child for 8 years now, can you hurry things up?’ It’s a crazy feeling, really. It’s like a state of nothingness— where no action or plan is being carried out. At least not your plan. And guess what, you’re supposed to be praising God while waiting. How is that even possible??!! 😭

I’ve had to be in the waiting room a number of times. At such times I feel like my world is coming to an end. My fast paced life in the city literally comes to a halt whenever I’m waiting. It easily sets me into panic mode— as one who likes making plans and ensuring they are followed to the letter. But God would just skip from letter A to letter O because He’s God and isn’t limited by logic.

God’s ways are not my ways, and I’ve had to learn that over and again. He messes with my plans before they mess me up. He does things in very unexpected ways. Even in the long drag of the waiting period, He’s still working.

Being in the waiting room sucks, I know. But if we knew that the outcome would be something of good and not of evil, to give us a future and a hope, would that help us in our waiting? I think so. There’s a peace that comes from knowing that after the long uncomfortable wait, that baby will be born, that marriage will hold, that posting letter would come and everything else we expect.

So here in lies the tough part- praising God in the midst of the seeming delay. It’s very difficult, believe me I know. However, it also indicates our trust in His ability to save us and give us what is good. I encourage you today to keep trusting God, He won’t fail you. And while in the waiting room, praise and thank Him for He’s gonna do exceedingly abundantly above what you can ask or imagine. 🤗

Hang in there friend!



4 thoughts on “Waiting Room

  1. Hmmmmm
    This speaks to me. Girl the wait is not funny. I’m in one of those waiting seasons now but i.m trusting He will make it snappy…..
    Thank you for sharing

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