I came across the picture below some days back and burst out laughing. Few things are able to describe me 100% and this is one of them. 😂

Photo Credit: Skywalkertrampolines.com

I kinda like the whole idea of being healthy and fit. But I’m also a fan of food and exploring food spots (new blogpost on list of places to visit coming soon!) That said, I’m kinda fit- ish. 😂

Photo Credit: me.me

This is how I work out, I take an average of 11,000 steps in a day before any major food exploration. I do this so I could eat all of that without any guilt. Haha. I subject my body under so much pressure just before I reward it with a glass of milkshake or any other creamy, finger licking food.

Photo Credit: me.me

For those of you who do proper workouts, you’d agree that a major key in attaining the fit body is regular exercise. Yes, it’s gonna be tough, and painful sometimes, but you’ve gotta keep at it consistently to be fit and healthy. Everything in life follows a process. Being fit follows same. You’ve gotta be committed to attain the body goals you’ve set for yourself.

Now let’s take it to the Word. Some of you are like me who would exercise just before a big meal. Sometimes we read the word only before a big temptation. But hey, it doesn’t work like that. You can’t just crash-read a night before and regurgitate everything the next day to pass your exams. God help you it’s application questions like I had in my postgrad school. You’ve gotta know it to apply it. You can’t cram and paste. Nope!

Photo Credit: imgflip.com

You’ve gotta work out spiritually as you do physically. Paul said:

Exercise daily in God—no spiritual flabbiness, please! Workouts in the gymnasium are useful, but a disciplined life in God is far more so, making you fit both today and forever. -1Tim 4:8 (MSG)

You see that! You gotta put in the work! Study the word consistently, even long before you have to face a challenge or temptation. It’s only when you know the word that you can apply it. If you go quoting stuff you only crammed, the Devil is gonna knock you out with his knowledge of the word. Don’t get it twisted!

For those who like working out (even ironically like me), you’d agree that there’s this confidence that comes from knowing you’re fit and your body is in great shape. Same way spiritually, when you know you’ve set aside all the spiritual flabbiness and sin that easily weighs us down… you’d feel great inside and outside! Plus there are great benefits to obtain when you’re fit both physically and spiritually.

So let’s make a deal in this second half of the year, to challenge ourselves to work out physically and spiritually. Remember, consistency is key! Don’t overwork one day and then sleep the rest of the week. Work it out, friends!😁

Let’s do this! 💪



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